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Request Data

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides the following kinds of data to administrators, staff, and faculty upon request:

  • University official data
  • Historical data or trends over time
  • Current data when analysis is involved
  • Data from our external reporting requirements
  • Data from our surveys
  • Data, summarized information, and metrics used in program evaluations, annual planning for academic departments, and other initiatives (e.g., Bronco Budget)
  • Data from IE-supported systems, like Pyramid, Faculty180, and Blue Course Evaluations
  • Email contact lists, and other information as needed, for surveys conducted of students, faculty, and staff by Boise State entities

Outside of survey support, we generally do not provide lists of current students or faculty/staff or provide other operational or transactional data.

Requests to IE will be reviewed once weekly on Mondays. Requests received before Monday at 8 a.m. will be assigned and queued and, from that point, the clock for the requested timeline will begin. Although we work to meet desired timelines, adjustments may be needed. The assigned staff member will communicate with you about any such adjustments and other details related to your request as needed.

All requests are evaluated against university goals, currently competing priorities, and available resources. As such, submission of a request does not necessarily guarantee fulfillment.

If you have any questions, please email or call 208-426-1575.

Note for Students

We are unable to fulfill data requests for class projects or individual study; however, we encourage you to explore our website for a wide range of data and reports that are available.

Note for External Requests

External requests generally go through Boise State Open Records (please see Open Records Request).

Note on the Data Request Form

The link to our data request form has been updated with a link to university data request form which is available in Boise State Reporting through Bronco Hub. This form is intended to replace individual forms and workflows used by several offices such as the Project Management Office, Institutional Effectiveness, Enrollment Services, Registrar’s Office, Human Resources, and Office of Continuous Improvement. Your request may be fulfilled by a different office depending on the nature of the request. You will be contacted about your request as soon as possible.

Request Data