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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Albertsons Library MakerLab?

The Makerlab is a radically inclusive community that offers access to emerging technologies and innovative culture. All Boise State University students, staff, and faculty are welcome!

How do I reserve a piece of equipment?

Once you have completed all required training modules in Canvas, you can reserve time with in-lab equipment using our resource management system Skedda.

Can you print something for me?

We accept some requests to print for others with an associated fee. If we cannot take on your project we would be happy to share some places that may be able to help. Reach out to us at to learn about alternate resources or if you’d like to learn how to DIY it for free.

How do I change filament colors?

This video shows you how – anyone wearing an apron can help you too!

How long do you hold onto a print for us?

We will only hold onto it for a week and you can pick up prints any time the MakerLab is open.

How long will printing take?

It depends!  Factors including the model size, complexity, and infill all influence the duration of printing. The software Cura adjusts settings and establishes the length of time to print. Download Cura for free!

How can I print on the 3D printer?

All Boise State University students, staff, and faculty can learn how to print on our 3D printers. Simply reserve time with us to learn how to print!

What kind of printers does the library have?

You can find all of our lab equipment, including our 3D printers, on our equipment page.

What do I need to 3D print a model?

To print a model all you will need is an STL file (.stl)! Most 3D design programs can save or export in this format such as Sketchup Make, TinkerCAD and Blender, or you can find already made STL files on Thingiverse.