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Computing FAQs


Library Lab Computers

Computer availability and computer equipment in the library:

  • Wireless access is available throughout the Albertsons Library
  • You can check out equipment to use with the computers.

First floor computers

Student lab computers

  • 2 computers with digital microforms scanners
  • Computers with flatbed scanner
  • 2 computers open to the general public.
  • Student lab computers with 8 multi-media computers with Adobe Creative Cloud

Third floor

  • 2 student lab computers at standing stations
  • Music room

Fourth floor

  • 2 student lab computers at standing stations

Laptop Checkout

  • Laptop checkout is available to current students only.
  • Bring your ID and check one out at the Library ASK Desk, just like you’d check out a book.

Guest Computing

Albertsons Library has a small number of computers available for community guests and visitors who are performing library research.

Guest Computing Policy

  • Guest users must present identification and request a guest password at the first floor Library ASK Desk and sign-in. Guest pass users must be 18 or over.
  • All users must agree to and abide by Boise State University’s Information Technology Resource Use Policy. Users should pay particular attention to the policy’s prohibited actions.
  • Guest use is limited to one hour per day.
  • Violations of these policies, including the Information Technology Resource Use Policy, will result in loss of computing privileges.


How to Print with BroncoPrint

What you need to print

  • Boise State Identification Card or BroncoPrint Card
  • Value on the card

How to print from a library computer

  • Preview the document and review how it will print to ensure desired results
  • Click “Print”
  • Select BroncoPrint_BW_Popup or BroncoPrint_Color_Popup.
  • A popup box will appear and ask for your login credentials for printer access.
  • Enter your Boise State University user
    name or your BroncoPrint card number
  • Click “OK” again
  • Walk to a BroncoPrint Station
  • Scan your card on the card reader
  • It will sign you in and bring up menu options:
    Print Release
    Account Selection
    Print from USB Drive
  • Tap the screen option for “Print Release”
  • Select the job(s) you want to print
  • Hit Print
  • Retrieve your job
  • Ask for help if something goes wrong!

Color Printing

Follow the directions for “How to print with BroncoPrint” and select the color printer option – BroncoPrint_Color_Popup.

The color printer works with your BroncoPrint account and is billed at $ .20/page, double-sided color printing is billed at $0.36/page.

One-Sided Printing

Double-sided printing is the default setting on the printers. One-sided printing costs $0.08, but double-sided printing costs $0.14 and is a more cost-efficient printing choice for multiple pages. To change to one-sided remove the checkmark from “Print on Both Sides” in the Document Options Print Settings.

Wireless Laptop Printing

BroncoPrint Wireless Printing

Students, faculty and staff may access the BroncoPrint system via the “Bronco-Wireless” network.

BroncoPrint is supported on Windows and Mac OS.

For detailed BroncoPrint information with download links and help, please see the Office of Information Technology’s site:  BroncoPrint

Color Poster / Large Format Plotter Printer

Follow the directions in this document to print your poster with the large format plotter printer.

The color poster / large format plotter printer is located on the first floor of the library.

Departments who wish to pay for their students’ printing can set up an account by contacting the OIT Help Desk to purchase a Bronco Print Card. Once received, department money can be transferred to it. When contacting OIT, be prepared to provide the purpose of the card, department account number, and the amount to be placed on the card.

To assist students in using the department print card in the library, faculty can arrange for the card to be checked out to identified students. Please contact Circulation at: or (208) 426-1204 and provide a list of authorized students.

Public Computing in Albertsons Library

Wireless Printing

Wireless access is available throughout Albertsons Library. Guest wireless access is available. Access to licensed library resources is not available through the guest wireless portal.


All computers print via the University BroncoPrint system. Printing requires either a student ID or a BroncoPrint card. BroncoPrint cards can be purchased at the Library (please see the first floor Circulation Desk for more information). Wireless printing is available. Printing in the library is set to duplex (double-sided) printing by default, but may be changed if desired.

Please be aware that during periods of heavy demand we may only be able to provide minimal service to non-Boise State University patrons.

Technology Lending Items



Dell laptops with cords


Mac laptops with cords

Installed Software

Standard office software and web browsers.

Loan Information

Laptops are checked out for the day. They are due 1/2 hour before library closing. Laptops are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis to currently enrolled students.



  • Headphones
  • Headphone jack splitter 5-way
  • USB Microphone
  • Desktop microphone 3.5 mm jack
  • Sets of Presentation Cables for TV to Computer Connections (VGA kits)
  • MAC adapters for use with TV to Computer connection (VGA)
  • USB Microphone Headsets
  • USB DVD Drives
  • Yeti microphones (3)
  • Tripods (3) (1- mini)
  • Lavalier Microphone


  • TI-83 (2)
  • TI-30 (1)


  • In-library use iPad/iPhone chargers
  • iPhone 5, 6 & 7 (or iPad 4 and iPad Mini) Chargers

Data Cables/Adaptors

  • USB to USB cable
  • USB to mini-USB cables
  • USB to micro-USB cables
  • USB to USB SD card reader extension cables
  • HDMI cable
  • VGA to HDMI cable


  • Standard computer mice
  • USB Keypad (ten-key)
  • Track ball mouse
  • High contrast keyboard
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Keyboard kits (4) – keyboard, mouse, SD/micro SD card reader
  • Infinity Foot Control – USB Foot Pedal for computer transcription


  • USB Floppy Disk reader
  • USB miniSD/microSD/M2/CF reader
  • USB SD/MS/CF/SM reader
Loan Information

Library Use Only: Checkout times vary.


16Hertz UNO R3 ultimate kit–Arduino compatible

“With over 50 different parts, 250 individual components, and a high quality UNO R3 Clone, the 16Hertz UNO R3 Ultimate Starter Kit is the kit you need if you really want to get into electronics and programming. It has all the components you need to jumpstart your Arduino programming.


2 Canon EOS Rebel DSLR cameras. Canon Vixia HFR700. Canon Vixia HF200. Canon Vixia HFR50. Canon Vixia G20. Ricoh Theta S360. Click here to reserve a camera. Silk U-8000 Tripod. Tripod phone adapter available. Video and still images. Green screen and lights available by request.

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller senses how you naturally move your hands and lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Point, wave, reach, grab. Pick something up and move it.

Makey Makey

MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. You can use it to turn everyday objects into keys for your computer

Microphone Kit

VidPro Model XM-88 with boom pole. Reserve the microphone kit.


An Arduino is a tiny-sized computer that allows you to program basic commands, and build your own circuits with sensors.

Raspberry PI

Kit – instructions

Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

Electronic cutting machine for personal use. Reserve the Silhouette vinyl cutter.

Map Tools

  • 4 relief map boxes, 3 medium-sized and 1 large
  • Pantograph — A. Ott small precision pantograph, drawing tool used for maps, blueprints,
    surveying, etc.
  • Planimeter — Bruning USA planimeter, used to determine the area of a two dimensional
  • Map wheel — Minerva map wheel to measure distance on maps

Presentation Tools

Projector Clicker

Loan Information

Library Use Only: Map tools, lectern, and projector clicker.
Checkout: Cameras and tripods are checked out for three days.
Leap Motion, Makey Makeys, Arduinos and Raspberry PIs are checked out for two weeks.

Reservable Technology Items

Items that are reservable may be found at – Library Equipment Catalog.

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