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General Visitor Policy

Albertsons Library, as part of its mission, serves the public and strives to foster engagement with the local community particularly through collaborative efforts with teachers, school media specialists, and students. The library building is open to the public. Idaho citizens may come in and borrow books (as “Special Borrowers”) and access online resources.

As part of our efforts to serve the community, we also support outside groups visiting the Library and using its resources. However, due to space and staffing constraints, arrangements must be made in advance and we may not be able to accommodate groups on their preferred date. It also should be noted that during periods when demand is heavy, it may be necessary to provide minimal service to non-Boise State University students.

Please be aware that:

  • Most of the Library’s computer terminals are restricted to Boise State University students, staff and faculty but there are some public access computers available. Special arrangements must be made to allow access to a large group of non-Boise State students.
  • All of the Library’s computer terminals are unfiltered.
  • Computer printing must use a BroncoPrint card.
  • The McCain Room on the second floor and the entire third floor are designated as quiet areas.
  • We advise that you bring a thumb drive to store the resources you find during your visit.