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Any person, business or organization desiring to use University trademarks in any manner and for any purpose must be licensed to do so. There are several types of licensing agreements.

Retail/Internal License: Please contact Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), Boise State University’s contracted licensing agent, for more information and to apply for one of the following types of licensing agreements.

  • Retail licensing agreements for the production of emblematic merchandise to be sold by an individual or company at retail.
  • Internal licensing agreements for the production of emblematic merchandise for use by a campus organization or department.

Crafter’s License: A crafter’s license is available to Idaho residents who hand-make items and do not intend to sell their products at retail stores, but instead sell their hand-crafted items at craft fairs, farmers markets, online through, and such. Click here for more information on the Crafter’s License Program.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Organizations interested in using the Boise State name, trademarks or indicia in association with their business can pursue a sponsorship agreement with the university.


Licensed Vendors

Look for the Label

All retail licensees are required to identify their products with the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label. With this label, alumni, students, fans and supporters know they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that has been manufactured in accordance with University set standards.

At Boise State University, net revenues generated through the sale of licensed merchandise support the University’s general fund and athletic programs. Products that do not bear the label, but use the marks of Boise State University, may represent trademark infringement and can be reported to

Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)