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About Licensing

1.  The use of any trademark which identifies, or is associated with, Boise State University may not be used without the prior expressed written authorization of Boise State University (represented by the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement), and is subject to the licensing requirements of these guidelines.

2.  Only an officially licensed vendor may produce merchandise bearing the University Trademarks. Review current list of officially licensed vendors.

3.  A license must be obtained by any company or individual creating merchandise for sale or distribution which uses any University Trademark requires a license.  The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) acts on behalf of the University as its licensing agent for trademark use on products for sale or distribution at retail. Collegiate Images (CI) acts on behalf of the University as its licensing agent for use of University’s photographs or images for both news and commercial application.

4.  University Trademarks should not be used in association with or in advertising or promotion of a business or used in a manner that might associate or imply endorsements by the University with an outside business or product without proper authorization from the University. In most instances the right to associate ones business with the University is reserved to its sponsors and key donors and is even then only limited in application. If approval is granted, a royalty or usage fee will be assessed. Permission is typically granted for a specified length of time and is not open-ended.  All merchandise produced by sponsors must be approved by the Director of Trademark Licensing. Please refer to the link for information about sponsorship opportunities.

5.  Companies and individuals wishing to extend congratulatory messages (or statements of support) may receive authorization to use prescribed trademarked verbiage (e.g. GO BRONCOS or Congratulations Boise State). Such messages must be clearly separate from the sale or promotion of any products or services. See also the section regarding the reproduction of Boise State Broncos sports schedules.

6.  The University Trademarks may not be used in the promotion of or in association with weapons, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, controlled substances, drug-related paraphernalia, feminine hygiene products, sex aids, prophylactics, gambling (other than the State lottery) or products or services that are religious or political in nature. The University reserves the right to prohibit other uses that it deems inappropriate or inconsistent with the image and mission of an educational institution.

7.  The University will not tolerate the use of its name or Trademarks with text or graphics that are judged to be sexually suggestive, profane, racial or sexist or intimidating or derisive of any individual, group, business or institution, including other colleges or universities or that infringes upon the trademark or copyright of a third party.

8.  Merchandise bearing University Trademarks and/or services using University Trademarks without proper written University authorization may be considered counterfeit or infringing and subject to all available legal remedies, including, but not limited to, seizure of the merchandise and injunctive relief.

9.  Employees may not reference the University’s name or use University Trademarks in any manner, which suggest or imply University support or endorsement of any movement, a candidate for public office, or an activity or program not officially sponsored by the University.

10.  University Trademarks that comprise logos or specific graphic design should not be altered in any fashion. For further information please refer to the Brand Standards or contact the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement.

11.  When referring to the University on products and services, the words “Boise State University”, “Boise State” and “Boise State Broncos” should be used. The University does not encourage the use of the initials “BSU” as there are other educational institutions with the same moniker.

12.  Every use of the University’s trademarks requires permission from the University through the Trademark Licensing and Enforcement Department. The World Wide Web has made it easy for alumni, fans and supporters to build web pages with the University’s name and logos, and the University appreciates this support. However, federal trademark laws require that the University control its name and marks; therefore, the University must be very selective in granting permission in these and all instances.