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Department Design Guidelines

To present a consistent and strong brand, departments have been provided with specific logos, known as marks. Additionally, companion marks have been created to identify schools and other programs that exist within a department or college. Review more information on department marks.

Due to size constraints, limits with imprint methods and the desire to clearly display program names, these marks are not advised to be used on merchandise, promotional products or marketing materials.

Two alternative design options have been created.

Option 1 (Recommended)

Use the Boise State signature mark (or college/department mark) with clear space around the logo, and then display the organization’s name larger in Gotham.

Banners, table skirts, signs, and brochures
Examples of licensed products

Option 2

Use a merchandise mark. A merchandise mark is a simplified version of the respective department’s companion mark, which is only to be used on products where space or application necessitates a different version of the mark.

Departments do not have access to merchandise marks. Please contact Trademark Licensing and Enforcement to request that the merchandise mark be sent to the licensed vendor being used.

Blue, orange, or white merchandise marks with department names
Examples of merchandise marks