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Ultrafast Laser Complex

The Ultrafast Laser Complex (ULC) consists of two femtosecond laser laboratories (MCMR 132 and 136) and one photophysics laboratory (MCMR 128). The ULC includes numerous commercial and custom-built steady-state and time-resolved optical characterization equipment, including one-of-a-kind femtosecond coherence, two-dimensional electronic, and Stark (electro) absorption spectrometers. Materials dynamics on time scales ranging from 5 fs to 1 s can be measured with light sources whose spectra, dependent on the measurement method, span ~300 to 1,600 nm. The ULC was established by Dr. Ryan Pensack, Dr. Daniel Turner, and Dr. Paul Davis; Dr. Pensack and Dr. Turner currently direct research in the ULC; the ULC is maintained by the ultrafast spectroscopy group and equipment in the photophysics laboratory is frequently used by other teams in the Quantum DNA Research Group.