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W.M. Keck NanoEngineering Laboratory


Keck Lab 1

Formerly the Biomaterials Laboratory, which was established in the College of Engineering under the direction of Dr. Knowlton (MSMSE and ECE) and Dr. Oxford (Biology), it was later named the W.M. Keck NanoEngineering Laboratory to recognize the university’s first grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation. Since its establishment, the Keck Lab has undergone significant enhancements on multiple fronts associated with DNA nanotechnology, including DNA reaction networks, nucleic acid memory, quantum DNA materials, and biochemical sensing. These various areas of research are led by the MSMSE’s Nanoscale Materials & Device Group Principal Investigators (Drs. Knowlton, Yurke, Hughes, Graugnard, Kuang, Mass, and Lee), as well as Dr. Hayden from the Biology Department. After moving from the Micron Engineering Center (MEC) to the Environmental Research Building (ERB) labs in 2012, the lab moved into a new state-of-the-art facility in the Micron Center for Materials Research (MCMR) in 2020. Dr. Natalya Hallstrom is currently managing the lab in collaboration with the Keck Lab supervisory committee (Drs. Lee, Hayden, and Mass).

Keck lab 3


Dr. Natalya Hallstrom

Research Scholar,

Lab Manager, W. M. Keck NanoEngineering Laboratory

College of Engineering Safety Adviser