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AGNP Curriculum

The AGNP curriculum focuses on integrating theory and practice; conducting research and scholarly inquiry; and developing advanced skills in the diagnosis and management of adult/geriatric health and illness.


The program includes:

  • Nine credits of advanced nursing courses.
  • 22 credits of Nurse Practitioner core courses, and
  • 19 credits of  specialty track courses (Acute Care or Primary Care)

These 50 credits include the required 700 clinical hours.

Clinical Hours

Clinical hours include:

  • Three rotations and one practicum rotation providing direct patient care.  (576 hours)
  • Three on-campus summer intensives of 3-7 days each on the Boise State campus.

Plans of Study

Clinical Rotation Information

Boise State has a full-time clinical placement specialist who assists students in locating preceptors and coordinating contracts and scheduling logistics. Before beginning rotations, you will complete seven courses, including one of your three summer intensives, in order to prepare for a successful clinical experience. You will begin rotations working with a broad range of patients and medical conditions and with each subsequent rotation the patient acuity and complexity increases.The AGNP program includes four direct-care clinical rotations

  • The first three rotations are 128 clinical hours and the final rotation is a 192 hour residency.
  • Clinical schedules are determined by the preceptor’s schedule.
  • Each clinical rotation is completed over a 14 week period with approximately 16, eight-hour shifts.

Acute and Primary Care Rotations

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