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New Features in Gmail, Docs, and Sheets

G Suite Updates

Google recently released several cool, new features!

Gmail: Create and use multiple signatures
This feature had to be delayed a bit, but it’s coming soon!

To add another signature in Gmail, go to Settings > Settings > General. Then scroll down to “Signature” and choose “Create New”. To use these signatures, select one from the signature menu (it’s a pen icon) in the compose toolbar of a new email.

Google Docs: Fix images to a certain location on a page
Fixing the position of an image ensures it will stay in a certain spot on the page. This feature also comes with a new sidebar with image formatting options.

Google Sheets: Sort and filter cells by text or fill color
To use, select Filter > Filter by Color and then choose “Fill color” or “Text color”.

Google Sheets: Set custom table ranges for charts
In the chart editor, select which columns to use as the axis and series.

Google Drive: Create pointers to any file or folder in Drive with shortcuts
You can now create shortcuts to files stored in other folders or drives! Shortcuts are visible to users who have access to the drive or folder containing the folder, but you have to have access to the original file or folder in order to see it.

To learn more about any of these features, or see them in action, visit the G Suite Updates link provided.

If you have questions about any of the G Suite apps, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email