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Max’s Blog: The Power of Keeping Score

Keeping score is one of the Office of Information Technology’s most important principles. If we don’t keep score, we don’t know what’s broken. And if we don’t know what’s broken, we don’t know what to fix.

In Max’s Minute: OIT by the Numbers, I stated we will be publishing a series of OIT-related metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on an ongoing monthly basis. Metrics and KPIs are part of keeping score.

We are starting to share these metrics on the OIT website with an initial focus on service and support metrics. You can view this information at

Why are we doing this?

  • Transparency: You can see what we are doing.
  • Accountability: You can make sure we’re doing what we’ll say we’ll do.
  • Improvement: Without metrics we don’t know what to fix and improve.

We will continue to add metrics as appropriate and retire those that may not have value for our campus community. For example, I could tell you OIT manages approximately 1,200 virtual machines (servers). That alone is a huge number. However, that number doesn’t fluctuate often, so I don’t need to share that number with you every month. The metrics we publish need to have meaning and tell a story so you will hopefully continue checking in with us to see how we are doing.

Speaking of checking in, make sure to visit our OIT Current Projects site to see all the Project Management Office projects that we’re working on, their current status, and what’s in the queue.

I have one more number to share: 56,970.

This number represents our total recorded customer transactions for 2021. This is a combination of Help Desk calls, emails, help tickets, incidents, and requests. As much as I would like to think we responded and answered these to everyone’s satisfaction, I know we missed the mark on a few. For the ones we did miss we will strive to get better — that’s the power of keeping score.

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