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OIT Improves Wireless Coverage and Reliability On Campus

Collage of three different wireless access point locations on the Boise State campus
Collage of three different wireless access point locations on the Boise State campus.

The Office of Information Technology’s Network Infrastructure Services team recently completed an outdoor wireless project designed to improve wireless coverage and reliability in outdoor locations where campus community members often gather and collaborate.

OIT added 18 new outdoor access points (APs) throughout campus, including outside the Micron Business and Economics Building, Center for Visual Arts, Hemingway Center, and Centennial Amphitheater. Replacements and connectivity improvements were also completed at existing AP locations, such as the Quad. There are now 21 outdoor wireless access points on campus.

Funding for the project was provided by the federal CARES Act.

Improving Your Outdoor Wireless Experience

Three key factors weigh into your overall wireless experience:

  1. The age of your device
  2. The density at each access point
  3. Your proximity to the access point

Age of your Device

Older wireless technology is less capable of addressing modern wireless environments.

Most OIT-supported campus access points have two radios and can configure one radio for older technology and the other for modern technology. This design provides the broadest support on campus without limiting the number of devices available at each access point.


Density refers to the number of devices sharing the same resource. The more devices at an access point, the slower the connection speed. Our access points can provide wireless connectivity for at least two devices per person.


Your proximity to the access point determines the strength of the wireless signal. Some devices are “sticky” and will stay connected to a distant weak signal even if a different access point has a stronger signal. The best solution is to disconnect and reconnect your device to force it to select the best signal.

More Information

Learn more about connecting to the eduroam network for best performance and to ensure a secure, safe WiFi connection.

Additional information about using campus WiFI is available on the OIT Wireless Access webpage.

Contact the Help Desk for assistance and support at (208) 426-4357, or email