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Register for Upcoming iClicker and Canvas Webinars

The Learning Technology Solutions (LTS) team is hosting several iClicker and Canvas webinars in preparation for the fall 2023 semester.

iClicker Groups Training

iClicker is introducing Groups as a new way to engage students with polling. This feature divides the classroom into groups to work together and build consensus to answer polling questions.

Canvas Webinar: Assignments, Rubrics, and Grading

This session will provide invaluable insights and practical tips on leveraging Canvas’s powerful features for assignments and rubrics. Create, manage, and assess assignments with ease as our expert presenters guide you through setting up various assignment types. Learn how to construct and customize rubrics to align with your course objectives, enabling clear communication of expectations to students and promoting consistency in grading.

Canvas Webinar: Groups and Group Assignments

This session will equip you with essential knowledge and strategies to effectively utilize Canvas’s powerful features for managing groups and group assignments in your courses. Explore Canvas’s group management capabilities and dive into the seamless process of creating and organizing groups within your Canvas courses. Discover how to foster collaboration and create a more engaging learning environment by utilizing group spaces, discussions, and communication tools.

Canvas Webinar: Grading in Canvas

This session will equip you with essential knowledge and best practices for efficient and effective grading. We will cover a wide array of grading functionalities to ensure you gain a thorough understanding of Canvas’s grading features. Learn how to set up grading schemes, manage grade books, utilize speed grader, create and manage rubrics, and effectively communicate grades and feedback to students.

Canvas Webinar: Canvas Module Organization & Features

This session will empower you with the knowledge and skills to leverage Canvas’s module organization and its array of powerful features. Create well-structured, engaging, and accessible course materials for your students and explore Canvas’s versatile features, including assignments, quizzes, discussions, multimedia integration, and external tool embedding.

Technology Integration Models and Your Canvas Course

This session is tailored with invaluable insights and strategies to effectively integrate technology into your Canvas courses to enhance the learning experience for your students. This session will empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to engage students, facilitate collaborative learning, and achieve learning objectives.

How to Register and Event Information

Visit the LTS Training Calendar website for full event details, dates and times, and Zoom links.

If you are looking to attend a future session, save the event to your Google Calendar using the “copy to my calendar” link in the event.

Seats are limited and early registration is encouraged.

Access the LTS Training Calendar

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