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University Passphrases


Passphrases provide extra security during login and require reset every 365 days.

Passphrase Requirements

A passphrase must be 15 or more characters in length.

We recommend a unique, memorable phrase consisting of several words and characters when creating a passphrase.

Keep in mind your passphrase:

  • Expires 365 days (1 year) after last reset.
  • Should not contain significant portions of your username or full name.
  • Cannot be one of your 10 most recent passwords.
  • Consider using spaces, lower/uppercase letters, special characters, or numbers to further strengthen the security of your password.

Reset Your Passphrase

If you are already logged in to myBoiseState, browse to the Password Recovery Tool. (Boise State’s password recovery tool requires enrollment to use. Learn more by visiting the Password Recovery Tool page.)

Otherwise, to reset your passphrase, browse to and select Reset/Create Password on the login screen.

Note: You cannot reset a Google Workspace maildrop account or department account (e.g., an account not named for an employee) through myBoiseState. Such requests request must be made by phone only through the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357.

If your passphrase is intruder-locked (e.g. ten failed attempts locking your account), you can wait 30 minutes for your account to unlock and try again.

Password Expiry Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent when your Boise State account passphrase is about to expire.

You will receive up to two reminder emails. The first is sent five days before your passphrase expires. The second arrives within 48 hours of expiration, if you haven’t yet updated your passphrase.

These emails are courtesy reminders and are not phishing attempts. Below is an example of an expiry email reminder.

password expiry email

Need Assistance?

For more information about password resets, contact the Help Desk by phone only at (208) 426-4357.