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Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Request Process

Who should complete the user account request?

Account requests should be completed by supervisors.

When should I use Help Desk Self Service for a user account request?

You should use Help Desk Self Service to request accounts when you have a new employee starting work, or an employee who is leaving employment.

Keep in mind account requests take at least a business day to process, and may take even longer depending on the number and types of accounts requested.

You do not need to complete an account request if you have an employee whose job functions are changing, and access to network resources must be changed to accommodate new job duties; this can be accomplished by simply emailing OIT Accounts at

Please include the employee’s first and last name, Boise State username, and employee ID number on all correspondence.

What information do I need to complete the user account request?

You should have the user’s Boise State username, employee ID number, and specific information about the access you are requesting, which may include an equivalent user account.

How do I change my username?

How will I know when my account request is complete?

After an account request is processed, the requesting supervisor or network administrator will be notified by the Help Desk, usually via email.

Once my request is processed, is there anything else I need to do to ensure my new employee will be able to log in to the computer?

Once your request is processed, have your new employee set a password by clicking the ‘Reset/Create Password’ link at

After the password is set, have the employee log in to the computer.

Have the user contact the Help Desk or local or area administrator if there are any issues with logging in to the computer.

How can I expedite my new account request?

To ensure your request is processed in a timely manner, please make sure you have returned all required paperwork to Human Resource Services (including I-9 forms).

Additional Information

What will my employee’s email address be?

Your employee’s email address will be the Boise State username followed by (e.g.,

How do I identify the employee that has equivalent permissions for my account request?

It is important for the hiring supervisor to identify an equivalent employee on the account request form. This would be another employee with the same current job responsibilities.

What is a network drive?

A network drive is simply assigning a letter, which acts as a shortcut, to a folder that resides on a network server.

How can I find the full path or name of my network drive?

When requesting access to a specific drive letter, please include the complete path mapping. To obtain this information, double-click on ‘My Computer’ and locate the Drive letter, then note the text next to the letter (e.g., “Public on Fircreek\Sys’ (X:)”).

How do I request a generic email account for emails and/or calendaring?

Generic accounts can be created for University assets that need managing, such as a room, building, vehicle, laptop, shared calendars, or other physical entities.

How do I request a University web site, or new or changed permissions to access a web site?

Requests for web sites and permissions to access sites should be submitted through Help Desk Self Service, just like other account requests.

Make sure you have confirmed an appropriate URL (website name) with your department and include it in the description area of your request.

Who are the Data Stewards?

A Data Steward is an experienced PeopleSoft user who has special authority to approve user access rights. Data Stewards can usually answer navigation questions and how-to questions for other PeopleSoft users.

Need Assistance?

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357,, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.