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Video transcript: Come Work With Us!

Hi, this is Max Davis Johnson, Boise State University, Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Today I want to talk about working at Boise State in OIT. It’s an opportunity to be part of a mission-based organization, it’s an opportunity to work for a highly flexible department where we offer hybrid, remote, and on-premise work.

Not only is it an opportunity to advance your technical career by learning and working with new technologies, it’s also an opportunity to advance your academic career. One of the unique things about higher ed technology is the fact that we do so many things, so we use a lot of different world-class technologies to do what we need to do.

We have a great benefit package here at Boise State, including tuition reimbursement. We have well-defined career paths for all our positions, so it’s an opportunity to advance.

If you want to work for a purpose-driven organization, you want a flexible work environment, you want to work on world-class technologies, come work for us. You’ll love it!

Thank you.