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Video Transcript – Mail Services at Boise State

Video Transcript

>> Narrator: Mail services at Boise State. Mail Services for Boise State University are provided by Central Postal Services, State of Idaho Department of Administration. Here are some need-to-know basics about sending interoffice and standard mail, packages, and bulk mail services. Interoffice mail, standard mail, and packages are picked up and delivered once per day on campus. Mail Stop codes are required for interoffice mail to be delivered. Department ID codes are required directly under the return address on all outgoing mail that requires postage. “Anytime” Campus Mail Drop Boxes for University mail are located in Room 110 of the Administration Building to drop off University mail before 2:30 p.m. You can drop off personal mail in this location as long as it has proper postage. You can send and receive packages via FedEx and UPS. The minimum piece count for a bulk mailing is 200 pieces. Be sure to contact Mail Services on tips to make sure you get the best deal on your bulk mail project. Bronco Express in the Student Union does not process or deliver interoffice mail. For details on all of these mail services, visit the Mail Services website at

TITLE: Contact Bryan Howard in Postal Services for all of your mail needs: