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Online Professional Studies Emphases Track Degree Plan

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (IPS) Professional Studies Emphases Track includes intentionally bundled online certificate stacks in three specific and in-demand professional emphasis areas:

  • Community and Social Impact Emphasis,
  • Cyber Operations Management Emphasis and
  • Design and Media Management Emphasis.

Multiple start dates are available throughout the academic year, and you can complete your degree on a full-time or part-time schedule that works for you.

Selecting a full-time or part-time schedule

Before deciding on a part- or full-time schedule ask yourself:

  • Do I have 7-9 hours per week per class, to devote to studying?
  • What other obligations currently require my time?

Degree Tracks

Experiential Learning

Earn credit during an internship or while on the job. Your Student Success Advisor will help you navigate the details of learning by experience. Credits earned during an internship can be connected to your emphasis area and help you fulfill upper-division credit requirements.

Start with the Career Center to Learn More

Credit for Prior Learning

The Boise State IPS program allows students to earn credit for past professional experience through a seminar and portfolio review process. Ask your Student Success Advisor about how you can get credit for prior learning and test out of up to 12 credits.

Contact a Student Success Coach to Learn More

Steps to Graduation

As you near your final semester you will begin to take steps towards graduation. You will work with your Student Success Advisor to review the graduation requirements, fill out a form verifying you have the required credits to graduate, enroll in your final capstone courses, apply for graduation through your student center and then participate in your commencement ceremony. Our graduation guide takes you through each step in detail.

IPS Graduation Guide

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