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Interdisciplinary Professional Studies Careers

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies (IPS) focuses on both breadth and emphasis-level depth. Students are asked to assemble an individualized degree plan that integrates their ideas, experiences and personal and professional goals with relevant and purposeful academic opportunities.

What Can I Do with an Interdisciplinary Professional Studies Degree?

Start a new career

With 18 pre-designed certificates and 800+ online course options to customize your degree with, you can be prepared to pursue a career that fits your interests. Online Professional Studies Emphases Track students will be ready to pursue careers in community and social impact, media and cyber operations.

Move up in your career

Boise State’s IPS program prepares you for management and leadership roles. Graduates have been promoted from entry-level roles in their current organization or translated the skills and experience they gained in the program to a higher-level position within their industry.

Go on to graduate school

A completed Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies prepares you for graduate programs that align with your chosen emphasis areas.

As an IPS Graduate, You Will:

Creatively combine your ideas and experiences with new, interdisciplinary learning opportunities

  1. to better understand context and discover new connections;
  2. to create mindful, collaborative, and productive relationships; and
  3. to become reflective and adaptive learners.
“I’ve been able to take my certificate and the skills that I gained to start a career in UX immediately. After I graduate, I’ll build on that career, but it’s given me the ability to start right away.” - Jessi Boyer, IPS Student

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