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Permanent Building Fund Requests

Each year, Boise State submits four project lists to the Permanent Building Fund Advisory Council (PBFAC). These lists summarize the University’s Major Capital, Alteration and Repair, Six-Year Capital Plan, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) projects. PBFAC reviews all state agency requests and then provides a funding recommendation to the State Legislature. Ultimately, approved funding from the State allows Boise State’s to make progress on its aggregate capital need.

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Major Capital

This list reflects large-scale projects, including but not limited to new facilities. Often, if a project is expected to cost more than $1 million, it will be considered for the Major Capital list. Major Capital funding is not guaranteed each fiscal year.

FY20 Major Capital Request (no recommendation for funding in FY20)

For FY19, Boise State was awarded $10 million for the Center for Materials Research

Alteration and Repair List

This list summarizes Boise State’s high priority deferred maintenance and renovation needs. Importantly, it does not fully reflect the University’s overall alteration and repair need. The funding amount changes each fiscal year, with the amount received going toward highest priority projects first. Most projects, due to their cost, require a project manager from the Department of Public Works. Once funding is made available (beginning of fiscal year – July 1) it often takes 1-2 years to reach project completion.

FY20 Alteration and Repair Request (funding amount to be determined by State of Idaho budget process)

Six-Year Capital Plan

The Six-Year Capital Plan is a long range forecast of Boise State’s major capital needs. It ties closely with the Campus Master Plan, showing a preferred timeline for implementation. Funding is not allocated for this plan, but for projects to be eligible for funds – either for Major Capital requests or through fundraising – they must be shown on the Six-Year Capital Plan.

FY20-25 Six-Year Capital Plan

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Projects

These requests are submitted to the State and specifically target projects that advance ADA compliance on campus. Some examples include sidewalks, building entrance projects and restrooms.

FY20 ADA Request (funding amount to be determined by State of Idaho budget process)

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