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Master Plan 2015

About the 2015 Master Plan

Boise State University continues to experience significant growth on its campus and within the community. The current campus master plan, adopted by the State Board of Education in 2015, remains informative but is due for an update. The university is currently in the process of selecting a consultant to help guide these efforts and will be posting updates on this process in the near future.

A revision of the campus master plan will ensure that:

  1. The land use, facility and infrastructure vision for the University incorporates Boise State’s new Strategic Plan: Blueprint for Success;
  2. Capital planning goals realistically align with funding capacity;
  3. Opportunities provided by the surrounding city and community are assessed and accounted for;
  4. Off-campus development – especially for student-purposed housing – is reflected in the university’s need to provide comparable facilities; and
  5. The university has guidance for capital projects and campus improvements, with intentional flexibility needed in a dynamic setting like Boise, Idaho.

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