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Digital and Virtual Reality Safety Training

Only Through October!

Idaho Occupational Safety and Health Consultation is excited to offer FREE digital and virtual reality safety and health training to small businesses throughout the state.

This web-based platform offers concise, comprehensive safety modules that look at a variety of topics in both General Industry and Construction. Using a virtual reality headset will enhance some portions of the modules, but it is not required. The modules can be completed on mobile devices, on computers, and in a training room environment.

We worked with 360 Immersive, an Idaho-based digital training company, to bring this pilot program that will run until November 2024. Help us decide if this type of training will become a permanent offering moving forward. As part of the process, we will request that you complete a short survey once your training is complete. Sign up today to become one of the first to give feedback on this digital training platform.

Access to the training is in two-week blocks, and you can train as an individual or as a team.

For further information, please contact us at