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Emphasis Programs

From time to time, the Region 10 office of OSHA in Seattle, to which Idaho belongs, issues a Local Emphasis Program (LEP), or a Regional Emphasis Program (REP).

LEPs and REPs are designed to help OSHA enforcement officers from the Boise Area Office of OSHA target hazards or industries that are a particular risk to workers in Idaho. This is usually done through programmed inspections. The area office will draw up an inspection schedule for companies that fall within the LEP or REP, and then conduct their enforcement inspections.

If your business falls under one of these LEPs or REPs, the Idaho Safety & Health Consultation Program can help you make sure you understand the relevant OSHA rules and regulations so you can apply them properly to your situation. Please contact us at, or (208) 426-3283.

Visit OSHA’s regional directives website to read the complete directives. Idaho belongs to Region 10.

Current LEPs include:

Local Emphasis Program for Powered Industrial Trucks

“The Boise Area Office conducted one fatality inspection in FY 2018 that involved a forklift. Employers were cited using the General Duty Clause for not equipping the forklifts and other powered industrial trucks with seatbelts and under 29 CFR 1910 for not providing personal protective equipment such as helmets. Other citations related to fall hazards, electrical hazards and hazard communication. In FY 2018 58 serious violations and one repeat were issued under this LEP, therefore, 59 serious hazards were identified and eliminated or reduced. The Idaho Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Program conducted 79 consultation visits related to powered industrial trucks in FY 2018.” (Background information from Region X Directive 19-12 CPL 04).

Local Emphasis Program for Logging in Idaho

“Logging operations in the state of Idaho, Region X, and nationwide have historically had a high incidence rate of fatal and/or serious injury and illness which was significantly above the national average for other occupations.” (Background information from Region X Directive 19-02 CPL 04).

Local Emphasis Program for Inspections in the Grain Handling Industry

“The hazards associated with grain handling are well recognized. Employees are exposed to the potential of fires and explosions, and other significant hazards such as falls, machine guarding, rail car handling operations, and grain bin entry engulfment and hazardous atmospheres.” (Background information from Region X Directive 19-10 CPL 04).

Current REPs include:

Regional Emphasis Program for Cranes used in Construction, General Industry and Maritime Employment

“During the period of October 2007 to October 2012, OSHA Region X (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) investigated thirteen (13) fatal accidents under their jurisdiction that involved cranes. As those involved in this type of work can be observed from the public way and some of the hazards often can be identified by OSHA compliance officers, major improvements can be achieved through a regional emphasis program that focuses on the hazards associated with the operation of all types of cranes used in construction, general industry and maritime employment.” (Background information from Region X Directive 19-13 CPL 04).

Regional Emphasis Program for Fall Hazards in Construction

“Workers employed in the construction industry face many hazards from falls that can lead to serious injury or death. Falls are the leading cause of death in construction….The intent of this Regional Emphasis Program is to encourage employers to take steps to address these hazards, ensure worksites are evaluated to determine if the employer is in compliance with all relevant OSHA requirements, and to help employers correct hazards, thereby reducing workers’ potential injuries and deaths.” (Background information from Region X Directive 18-01 CPL 04).

National Emphasis Programs

Federal OSHA also issues National Emphasis Programs (NEPs) that are applicable to business operations in Idaho. Current NEPs include Coronavirus, Combustible Dust, Hazardous Machinery, Hexavalent Chromium, and Crystalline Silica. For a full list of NEPs, and links to the directives explaining them, please visit OSHA’s Directives – NEP  webpage.