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Get Connected

Get connected outside of the classroom!

Current members have the opportunity to volunteer, serve on our Advisory Board, and get involved in Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

What's going on at the Institute?

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Volunteering is a great way to support the Osher Institute and engage with other members. Ways to volunteer with the Institute include:

  • Serving as a greeter before class.
  • Distributing Osher catalogs across the Treasure Valley.
  • Being a Special Interest Group (SIG) facilitator.
  • Joining our curriculum, scholarship, or volunteer committees.

If you are interested in volunteering in future semesters, please fill out the online Volunteer Interest Form.

Online Volunteer Interest Form

Advisory Board

The Osher Institute Advisory Board is drawn from the membership and provides assistance to the Institute director.

The Advisory Board supports the Osher Institute by acting as advisers and advocates of its mission, promoting a vibrant learning community, and furthering the educational and public engagement goals of the Institute and Boise State University.

Learn How to Serve on the Advisory Board

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are member-led opportunities for learning and engagement outside of the classroom. Areas of interest include hiking in the foothills, walking the greenbelt, genealogy, and more.

If you are interested in starting your own SIG, please contact the Osher Institute at
(208) 426-6554 or

View This Semester's SIGs

Learn about SIGs

In this video, hear from Osher Advisory Board members Dennis Hall and Chuck Folkner, and Osher member Sheri Robison about their involvement with Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Closed captions are available and a video transcript is provided.

Video Transcript

Dennis Hall: So, within Osher there are SIGs—Special Interest Groups—and there are SIGs having to do with foreign movies, SIGs having to do with genealogy, SIGs having to do with conversational Spanish, and those are things that you just get together on a monthly basis or whenever you decide to schedule them, and it’s a group of a dozen or two people that get together. So, it’s another way that Osher helps fill the needs of ongoing learning.

Chuck Folkner: I’m a member of one Special Interest Group, it’s a very small one, it’s a group of twelve. We meet once a month, and each member of that Special Interest Group presents once a year on some topic. So, we have lively discussions, and it’s an interesting group to be a part of.

Sheri Robison: I can hike on the Greenbelt or in the foothills with Osher just by signing up for the free Special Interest Group. For the social networking I can honestly say that some of my very best friends now are people that I’ve met through Osher.