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Osher on Demand

Welcome to Osher on Demand. Here, you can find a wide variety of online resources including virtual tours, local guides, curated articles, TED Talks, lectures recorded by our local Osher Institute presenters, lectures provided by other Osher Institutes across the country, and more!

Check back each week for new posts. To view more posts, visit the Osher on Demand archive.

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Recent Posts

Webinar: "Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Four"
Article: "With a New Grant, Professor Aims to Catalog 'Drowned Towns' of the American West"
Osher Institute Hike: Oregon Trail Historic Preserve
Video: "How Ads Follow You Around the Internet"
Article: "Unlocking Geochronology Mysteries in the Grand Canyon"
Osher Institute Lecture: "The Doctor as a Patient: How it Changed Her Life"

Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, and Environment

Article: "Out of the Classroom, Into the Field"
Osher Institute Lecture: "History of Good Earth State Park at Blood Run"
Live Animal Cams from Zoos and Aquariums
Osher Institute Course: "Facing the Future: Challenges of Climate Change"
Video: "Everyday Decisions and Environmental Changes"
Article: "Everything You Wanted to Know About Red Tides"

Health and Well-Being

Osher Institute Lecture: "The Doctor as a Patient: How it Changed Her Life"
Article: "The Surprisingly Long History of the Ventilator, the Machine You Never Want to Need"
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Podcast Series
TED Talk: "Why It's So Hard to Make Healthy Decisions"
Lecture: "Depression in the U.S."
Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Three"

Philosophy, Arts, and Humanities

Spring 2020 Online BFA Exhibition
Available Until May 24: The Diary of Anne Frank
Video: "The Future of Irish Cuisine"
Video: "That Famous Cello Prelude, Deconstructed"
Documentary: "The Mystery Conman - The Murky Business of Counterfeit Antiques"
TED Talk: "How Language Shapes the Way We Think"

Physical Sciences, Technology, and Engineering

Lecture: "Solar Geoengineering to Manage Climate"
TED Talk: "Why Isn't the Netherlands Underwater?"
Lecture: "Defining Mathematical Properties of Three-Dimensional Shapes"
Osher Institute Lecture: "Wind Energy and the Changing Electric Generation Mix"
TED Talk: "How We Explore Unanswered Questions in Physics"
Lecture: "Reverse Engineering Visual Intelligence"

Public Affairs, History, Business, and Current Events

Osher Institute Lecture: "How to Talk Across the Political Divide"
Video: "This Photo Triggered China's Cultural Revolution"
Video: "The Constitution: Changes and Challenges in US History"
Documentary: “Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis"
Documentary: "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos"
Article: "Coronavirus Closes in on Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh’s Cramped, Unprepared Camps"

Community Resources

Recipe Roundup with the Idaho Humanities Council
Local Grocery Delivery: Anderson Reserve
Find a Pen Pal with the Idaho Humanities Council
Idaho Gives: April 23-May 7
Rediscovered Books Offering Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery
Local Grocery Delivery: Boise Milk

From the Osher Institute Community

Meet the Advisory Board: Susan Gibson
Osher Institute Hike: Cottonwood Trail in Military Reserve
Meet the Advisory Board: Dennis Hall
Fall 2020 Registration Information
Meet the Advisory Board: Celeste Miller
2020 Osher Faculty Grant Recipients
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