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Section 4: Academic Affairs – Faculty and Administration

General questions should be directed to the Policy Office at or (208) 426-3098.

Faculty and Administration Policy

Academic Affairs - Faculty & Administration Policies. Use the search field to filter table content.
Policy NumberPolicy Name
4000Faculty Code of Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct
4005Faculty Submission Of Grades
4010Academic Advising Responsibilities
4020Academic Advising Administrative Responsibilities
4030Assessment of Advising
4040Request To Initiate New Or Expanded Instructional Programs
4050Minor Curriculum Change Procedures
4060Special Topics Course Proposals
4070Workshop and Conference Credit Allocation
4080Credit Hours
4090University Course Numbering Revision
4100Department/Program Review
4110Awarding Posthumous Degrees
4120Honorary Doctoral Degrees
4130Commencement Ceremony
4140Responsibilities For Curricular Changes And Class Scheduling
4150Annual Revision Of University Catalog
4160Development Of Schedule Of Classes
4170Class Schedule Change Procedure
4180Faculty Responsibility to Address Student Academic Misconduct
4185Administrative Withdrawals
4190Faculty Initiated Withdrawal
4200Approval Of Special Course Or Program Fees
4210(Suspended) - Employment Of Tenured & Tenure-Track Faculty
4215Part-Time Tenure-Eligible Faculty
4220Adjunct Faculty
4230Faculty Employment – Summer Sessions
4240Faculty Dual-Career Program
4250Lecturer Faculty
4280Emeritus Faculty
4290Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation
4300Student Course Evaluations
4310Faculty Promotion And Tenure Committee Duties And Composition
4320Faculty Peer Review
4340Faculty Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
4380Periodic Review Of Tenured Faculty
4390Faculty Exchange
4400Faculty Sabbatical Leave
4410Annual Leave for Faculty
4420Absence From Campus – Faculty
4430(Suspended) - Faculty Salary Determination
4440Professional Research, Consulting, Or Service Activities
4460Nonreturnees – Faculty
4470Faculty Voluntary Phased Retirement Program
4480Faculty Grievance Procedure
4490Clinical Faculty
4500Search For And Selection Of Department Chairs, Division Managers Or Unit Heads
4520Annual Evaluation Of Deans
4530Department Chair Evaluation
4540Financial Exigency Policy And Staff Reduction Procedures – Faculty
4550Reduction-In-Force Appeal Procedure Tenured/Nontenured Faculty
4560Workload For Tenured And Tenure-Track Faculty
4570Joint Appointment of a Faculty Member
4680Financial Challenge Policy – Faculty
4690Student Course Evaluation Comment Redaction Policy
4700Faculty Workload Release Plan
4710Graduate Faculty Appointments
4720Faculty Due Process and Appeal Procedures
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