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Registration Holds (Policy 3200)

University Policy 3200

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Effective Date

March 1987

Last Revision Date

October 2017

Responsible Party

Vice President for Student Affairs, (208) 426-2384
Office of the Registrar, (208) 426-4249

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all University students and offices that initiate registration holds.

1. Policy Purpose

To set policy for registration holds on student accounts that prevent students from registering/enrolling because of: (1) failing to fulfill an academic, financial or legal obligation, agreement or requirement with the University; or (2) disruptive or dangerous behavior, or Code of Conduct sanctions.

2. Policy Statement

Registration holds are placed on student accounts to help students fully understand the implications of their decisions and help them resolve outstanding issues.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Reasons for Holds

A registration hold may be placed on a student’s account denying class changes or future registration for, but not restricted to, the following:A. Academic. Colleges, departments, or advising offices may place holds on student accounts for the following reasons:

3.1.1 Academic

a. Failure to meet academic standards

b. Not attending required advising appointments

c. Not meeting admission or retention requirements for specialized programs (e.g. malpractice insurance, background checks, etc…)

3.1.2 Conduct

The Dean of Students Office may place holds on student accounts as a consequence of a disciplinary proceeding and failure on the student’s part to follow through with required actions to resolve an incident. See University Policies #2020 Student Code of Conduct or #2050 Maintaining Instructional Order for more information.

3.1.3 Mandated Completion

The Dean of Students Office may place holds on student accounts when a student fails to complete university or State Board of Education mandated courses.

3.1.4 Title IX Investigation

The Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics may place holds on student accounts during a Title IX investigation.

3.1.5 Financial*

Student Financials, Student Financial Aid, Housing, Albertsons Library, and the Department of Public Safety may place holds on student accounts as a result of outstanding financial or policy obligations with the University. This could include but is not limited to canceled, reduced or eliminated aid, or a failure to sign promissory notes.

3.1.6 Other

a. The Admissions Office may place holds on student accounts for incomplete Admission files.

b. Academic Departments may place holds on student accounts for lost or broken institutional equipment, supplies, property, uniforms, instruments, keys, etc.

c. Exhibiting behavior which constitutes a danger to oneself, others, or property.

3.2 Removing Holds

Upon resolution of the issue that initiated the hold, the office placing the hold will be responsible for having the hold removed in a timely manner.

3.3 Timing

Holds should prompt students to resolve issues before or after the registration periods in an effort to minimize unintended disruptions to timely academic progress. Departments must play an active role in the timely removal of registration holds.

3.4 Responsibility and Authority

The Vice-President for Student Affairs (VPSA) and/or designee(s) has the authority and responsibility to enforce this policy.

a. Each designated unit in Section II has the authority to initiate the registration hold process with students, and place an official hold on a student account.

b. Each year by the last day in January, the names and titles of the individuals with registration hold authority will be sent to the VPSA office for audit. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for initiating the audit process.

c. If any individual with designated registration hold authority leaves the University or moves to a new role on campus, the hold authority will be removed from the person’s profile. The authority in the office will be re-evaluated and a new person in the unit may be assigned this responsibility.

d. The hold authority does not transfer with the person leaving the unit, nor does their replacement automatically receive the same authority.

3.5 Contact for Instructions on Placing Holds

For instructions on how to place holds, contact the Office of the Registrar.

*The minimum threshold for a financial hold is $50.00. No hold will be placed for amounts of less than $50.00.

Revision History

October 2017