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Senior Citizen Fees (Policy 3220)

University Policy 3220

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Effective Date

March 2019

Responsible Party

Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance and Operations, (208) 426-2384
Office of the Registrar, (208) 426-4249

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all Senior Citizens who are Idaho residents and at least sixty-five (65) years old.

Additional Authority

Idaho State Board of Education Policy, Section V.R. (Establishment of Fees)

1. Policy Purpose

To explain the responsibilities and parameters of Senior Citizen registration.

2. Policy Statement

Idaho resident Senior Citizens who do not wish to earn credit are authorized to audit classes on a space-available basis at no cost except for special course fees, if any. Senior Citizens taking classes for credit pay Educational Tuition and Fees according to the established tuition schedule.

3. Definitions

3.1 Educational Tuition and Fees

The amount charged for any and all instructional costs.

3.2 Senior Citizen

An Idaho resident who is age 65 years old or older.

3.3 Space Available

No full fee paying student waiting to enroll in the course prior to the sixth day of class.

4. Classes Not Eligible for Audit

The following programs are not eligible for Senior Citizens to audit:

a. Self-support or self-funded programs

b. Noncredit and personal enrichment courses

5. Limitations

Senior Citizens attending Boise State and who audit classes are not entitled to use student services or receive benefits that full Educational Tuition and Fee-paying students are entitled to use or receive including, but not limited to:

a. Boise State Recreation Center

b. University Health Services

c. Student tickets to athletic events

Last Review Date

March 21, 2024