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Exclusion from Campus (Policy 12020)

University Policy 12020

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Effective Date

May 2013

Responsible Party

Department of Public Safety, (208) 426-6911

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all Boise State University students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Additional Authority

  • Idaho Code §18-7008
  • Idaho Code §§33-3715 – 33-3716

1. Policy Purpose

To provide a means for removing people who are disruptive to learning, recreating, or working on campus and to clarify when the exclusion procedure may be implemented.

2. Policy Statement

While the Boise State University campus is largely public property, Boise State may remove people from campus who compromise the effectuation of university activities. Boise State University Department of Public Safety may issue Exclusion Notices to those whose behavior is criminal or significantly disruptive to the educational, research, or public service goals of Boise State, or violates any university policy. This policy aims to provide a safe environment for all concerned and to seek compliance without threat or escalation.

3. Definitions

3.1 Exclusion Notice

A written notice issued as a means of intervention to direct disruptive persons away from parts of or the entire campus, and to provide protection, safety, and security for the welfare of the students, faculty, staff, and guests of Boise State.

4. Responsibilities and Procedures

4.1 Issuance

4.1.1 Authorized Issuers

Campus security officers may issue an Exclusion Notice upon witnessing a criminal or disruptive incident or upon request of an authorized individual. Authorized individuals include the university president or any other university official designated as a person in charge of a specific area, building, event, or other domain of responsibility. This may include but is not limited to building administrators, building coordinators, housing officials, event officials and staff, department heads, deans, and professors.

4.1.2 Guidelines

a. Anyone may be issued an Exclusion Notice for behavior including, but not limited to, the violation of applicable law(s) or Boise State policy.

b. Security officers may issue an Exclusion Notice as a tool to direct an individual to leave a certain area or special event, or an instructional part of the campus. Enrolled Boise State students who violate student conduct codes, agreements, contracts, or fail to cooperate with school officials, should be referred to the Associate Vice President of Public Safety.

c. University employees whose behavior is criminal or disruptive as described above may be excluded from any area of campus.

4.2 Enforcement

If a person returns after having been issued an Exclusion Notice, or refuses to leave after having been served, a Boise Police Officer may be summoned and the person may be issued a citation or arrested for criminal Trespass.

4.3 Appeals

Persons may appeal the Exclusion Notice to the Associate Vice President of Public Safety either in writing or in person. Appeal forms are printed on the back of the recipient’s copy of the Exclusion Notice. Completed appeal forms shall be given to the Executive Director and must be received within 5 days from the date of issuance. An in person appeal can be scheduled by calling (208) 426-6911 within 5 days. The Executive Director may refer exclusion cases to another department such as the Office of the Dean of Students, Housing and Residence Life, or Human Resource Services for resolution. On appeal, the Executive Director’s decision is final.

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