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Printing and Graphic Services (Policy 10020)

University Policy 10020

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Effective Date

July 1995

Responsible Party

Office of Communications and Marketing, (208) 426-1577

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all services provided by Printing and Graphic Services.

1. Policy Purpose

To establish regulations and procedures for Printing and Graphic Services.

2. Policy Statement

Boise State University provides printing for faculty, staff, and students based on a centralization of service for maximum efficiency and provides printing in an expeditious and professional manner. Complete reprographic services are offered from while-you-wait copying in the satellite copy centers to the development of publications from concept to design and typesetting to printing and binding. Publications that Printing and Graphic Services is unable to do, for whatever reason, will be bid out to local commercial printers.

Printing is provided for the university, state offices, federal offices, county offices, non-Boise State publications for organizations that are connected to the University such as that Boise State University is a member, organizations that are using Boise State’s facilities, or organizations that Boise State is partially paying for the printing, and some non-profit groups that Boise State faculty and staff are involved with (i.e., Boy Scouts, Miss Boise, Miss Idaho, and community fund raising projects). We print resumes, class projects, campaign material, invitations and non-business related pieces for students. Printing and Graphic Services provides the same service for faculty and staff minus the campaign material.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Procedures

The procedures to be followed for the use of the Printing and Graphics Department are presented in the following paragraphs.

3.1.1 Printing Order

A Request for Printing will be prepared for each work order. Request for printing forms are available at no charge from the Printing and Graphics Department. For all orders needing special attention, a call or visit to the printing department can eliminate time consuming delays and errors. An account number or invoice address must accompany each print order.

3.1.2 Authorization of Printing Orders

Authorization must be indicated on each order as follows:

a. Classroom instructional materials, except manuals and textbooks for sale to students, must be authorized by the department chair, dean or designated authorized personnel.

b. Administrative offices materials will be authorized by the appropriate administrative officer or assistant.

c. All approved student body organizations will be authorized by the organization’s assigned authorized personnel.

3.2 Order of Priority of Printing Services

a. Examinations and instructional materials such as assignments, book lists, and handouts, (i.e., items for direct distribution to students as part of classroom instruction) represent priority of the first order.

b. Any faculty-produced instructional materials such as laboratory manuals produced for sale to students through the Bookstore.

c. Administrative materials.

d. Associated Student Body and student organization materials.

e. All other printing for faculty, staff and students.

3.3 Printing of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials Authored by University Faculty, Reproduced by the University Printing Department and Copy Centers, and Sold through the Bookstore

a. Any material authored by University faculty must have approval of the department chair involved. After approval has been obtained, the author makes arrangements with the Bookstore for printing. The number of copies to be printed is determined as well as other essentials required by the financial responsibility contract provided by the Bookstore.

b. The contract between the Bookstore and author must be approved by the department chair before any work by the printing department commences. The contract includes terms of payment to the author.

c. The selling price, based on printing costs and handling costs, is determined by agreement between the author and Bookstore.

d. After the contract is completed, the Bookstore will take the material to be printed along with a print request form to the print shop. The publication will be delivered to the Bookstore upon completion by the Printing and Graphics Department

3.4 University Copy Centers

3.4.1 Customers

a. The satellite copy centers provide copying and related services for University faculty, staff and students, state offices, federal offices, county offices, groups that are connected to the University and organizations that are using the University facilities.

b. The satellite copy centers will not provide copying and related service for political, religious, or outside business related projects for the faculty, staff and/or students.

c. Copying and related services will not be provided to groups, organizations, or businesses that do not have a direct affiliation with the University.

3.4.2 Procedures for Using Satellite Copy Centers

a. Copying request forms are available at the satellite copy centers at no charge. When an order is placed using the request form, an authorization must be indicated on each form. The department chair, dean, or designated authorized personnel must authorize any classroom instructional materials. Printed office materials must also be authorized by the appropriate departmental personnel.

b. Approved student body organizations must fill-out a signature card which indicates who is responsible for the account, as well as those who are authorized to use the account. These cards must contain the signature of the student body treasurer and are on file in Copy Central.

c. The satellite copy centers also accept orders that are paid with cash or checks.

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