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Facilities Operations and Maintenance Work Order Requests (Policy 9070)

University Policy 9070

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Effective Date

July 1981

Last Revision Date

June 2016

Responsible Party

Facilities Operations and Maintenance, (208) 426-1409

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all campus units that require maintenance of facilities. Telephone and computer services are typically not Facilities Operations and Maintenance items.

1. Policy Purpose

To provide academic, administrative staff, and auxiliaries with a means of obtaining Facilities Operations and Maintenance services.

2. Policy Statement

Facilities Operations and Maintenance provides maintenance of facilities (other than Auxiliaries under their budget. Other services desired, which are not a function of maintenance, may also be obtained, dependent upon staffing, and other capabilities, but will be charged to the requester, and/or other dedicated funding source. New construction or modifications typically are charged back.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Obtaining Services

To obtain Facilities Operations and Maintenance services, completed these steps:

a. Initiate a Facilities Operations and Maintenance Work Order form describing the work requested for normal time frame work. If an emergency, call Facilities Operations and Maintenance Work Order Control Center, and report the problem. Follow with a completed work order, if directed.

b. For maintenance services needed, send the Work Order directly to Facilities Operations and Maintenance. For non-maintenance services needed, route the work order through the appropriate department chairperson for approval and funding source, then send to Facilities Operations and Maintenance Work Control Center.

c. If the Work Order indicates that the work is approved, funded and does not make measurable changes to an area, the requested work will be scheduled as soon as staffing and time permits. If an estimate was indicated on the form, the estimate will be sent back to the department for final approval and implementation.

If the work requested measurably modifies a room, structure, or other area, the work will automatically be referred to the Architectural and Engineering Services, who will contact the department to further detail the project, and simultaneously check for code conformance and dedicated University building use.

3.2 Accessible Features and Equipment

a. When accessible features and equipment including but not limited to articulated door openers, ramps, braille signage, etc. are in need of repair, follow the steps in Section 3.1. Be sure to note that the area in need of repair includes an accessible feature.

b. If additional accommodations need to be provided while the equipment is being repaired, Facilities Operations and Maintenance will work with the requesting group to help provide the accommodation during the repair. See the Facilities Operations and Maintenance Procedures for ensuring accessible facilities.

4. Forms

Facilities Operations and Maintenance Work Order Form

5. Related Information

Facilities Operations and Maintenance Procedures

Revision History

July 1995; January 2016; June 2016