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Building Coordinators (Policy 9150)

University Policy 9150

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Effective Date

October 2000

Last Revision Date

July 2011

Responsible Party

Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance and Operations, (208) 426-1200
Associate Vice President for Campus Operations, (208) 426-1493
Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management (208) 426-4991

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to the office of the Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance and Operations, all Building Coordinators, and Department of Public Safety Emergency Management “Emergency Management” staff.

1. Policy Purpose

This policy was created to establish a process for identifying a Building Coordinator for each campus building and to define the Building Coordinator’s responsibilities.

2. Policy Statement

The Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance and Operations, or designee, will identify an administrator in each campus building who represents the majority of the building’s occupants. The administrator will then designate an individual (and alternate) to serve as Building Coordinator. Emergency Management will maintain lists of administrators and Building Coordinators and will arrange for distribution of the lists and training of Building Coordinators.

3. Building Coordinator Responsibilities

3.1 Communication

The Coordinator will be responsible for facilitating communication between building occupants and appropriate campus support units. The Building Coordinator will be the liaison or point of contact to gather facts, receive complaints or concerns, and disseminate information for students, faculty, staff, and visitors who are affected by conditions in the building. This information may relate to changes in building conditions; construction or renovation projects; heating, cooling, and ventilation problems; utility service interruptions; fire alarm system maintenance and testing; indoor air quality; and other environmental health and safety concerns.

3.2 Door Security

Under the direction of the building’s administrative or departmental management, the Coordinator will determine normal opening/closing hours for the building’s exterior doors and all internal doors to offices, classrooms, and laboratories. The Building Coordinator is the liaison between the building’s occupants, custodial services, and University security and will assist these units to ensure exterior and interior door security.

3.3 Emergency Procedures

The Coordinator will assist Emergency Management in developing and maintaining emergency action and evacuation procedures for the building, coordinating their dissemination, and scheduling evacuation drills within the facility (refer to policy on Emergency Action and Building Evacuation Procedures). When a building alarm sounds or an evacuation is ordered, the Building Coordinator will:

a. Ensure, to the extent practicable, that building emergency action and safe exiting procedures are followed.

b. Direct evacuated building occupants to gather at designated outside safe assembly locations.

c. Report to campus and community emergency personnel, immediately upon their arrival, the exact location of any persons waiting in the building’s rescue areas and all other known details about the emergency situation.

Revision History

June 2004; July 2011

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