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Student Union (Policy 9190)

University Policy 9190

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Effective Date

August 1981

Last Revision Date

February 2017

Responsible Party

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, (208) 426-1418

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all University faculty, students, staff, alumni, visitors and guests.

Additional Authority

University Policy 1100 (Use of University Space)

1. Policy Purpose

To establish policy for the use of the Student Union Building and related services.

2. Policy Statement

The Student Union serves as a multi-purpose center for the University community. It includes retail, dining, social meetings paces, reservable event space, and university department spaces. It encourages students and other members of the University community to meet and share talents, interests and ideas, through the provision of formal and informal cultural, social, educational and recreational programs. The Student Union was built and is maintained through student fees and generated revenue. This Student Union policy is subject to all regulations of University Policy 1100 (Use of University Space).

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Access to Student Union Facilities

a. The Student Union is available for use during official hours of operation by students, faculty, staff and alumni of Boise State University, and their invited guests and other community purposes. The Student Union provides access to spaces and services as described in University Policy 1100 (Use of University Space) and in the Student Union Event Guidelines.

b. Use of Student Union facilities does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by the University unless explicitly authorized by the Director of the Student Union.

3.2 Student Union Advisory Board

The Student Union Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Director of Campus Services and the Director of the Student Union concerning procedures and operations. The composition, charge, terms, etc. of the Advisory Board will be established at the discretion of the COO.

3.3 Auxiliary Service of Boise State University

The Student Union is an auxiliary service of Boise State University and is responsible for the operation and maintenance costs of its facilities and staff.

a. Rate adjustments are made based on comparative services in similar markets and actual costs (including such items as utilities, debt service, equipment amortization, etc.).

b. All rate adjustments are submitted to the Student Union Advisory Board for their review and recommendation to the Director of the Student Union and the Executive Director of Campus Services.

c. Final rates are subject to review and approval by the University Chief Operating Officer.

d. Current rates are available via the Student Union website.

3.4 Academic Class Use of Student Union Facilities

Student Union facilities are not scheduled for academic class use. Academic classes (regularly scheduled, special, or seminar) include all classes coordinated through the Registrar’s office or the Division of Extended Studies. These facilities are primarily intended for student organizations, student activities (including a social, cultural and recreation program), seminars, workshops and events, which contribute to learning out-of-the-classroom or relate to the mission of service as a community center to the University.

3.5 Tenants – Lease Agreements

The Student union may lease space to university and non-university entities. All tenants must sign a lease agreement, subject to the approval of Student Union administration and the Chief Operating Officer.

Revision History

July 1995; March 2011; February 2017

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