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Boise State Public Radio (Policy 1080)

University Policy 1080

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Effective Date

September 2016

Responsible Party

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202
Boise State Public Radio, (208) 426-3663

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all staff affiliated with Boise State Public Radio (BSPR) and University employees who work with BSPR in their professional capacity.

1. Policy Purpose

To recognize the responsibilities related to the broadcast licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission and to provide guidelines and authority for policies and programming by Boise State Public Radio (BSPR).

2. Policy Statement

BSPR is a department of the university whose function is to produce, acquire, and distribute distinctive programs and services through public radio news, classical music, jazz, and cultural programming. This policy establishes a framework that supports the news, educational, and entertainment mission of BSPR while acknowledging the university as the Idaho State Board of Education’s designee for the Federal Communications Commission licenses and related authorizations for the broadcast systems of BSPR.

3. University Responsibilities

Boise State University has been given the authority by the Idaho State Board of Education and is responsible for:

a. Manage the Federal Communication Commission licenses and related authorizations for the broadcast systems of BSPR, and

b. Appoint the Agent of the Licensee called the General Manager.

4. Boise State Public Radio General Manager Responsibilities

a. Develop long-range planning, goals and objectives, and procedures for BSPR to ensure fiscal and programming accountability and credibility and to ensure adherence to local, state, and federal regulations.

b. Manage, coordinate, and supervise BSPR in compliance with this policy and all other policies and directives of the university.

c. Prepare and submit materials for matters related to BSPR for University review and action.

d. Establish additional policies, procedures, and standards for the internal management of BSPR that complement, but do not supplant, University policies and procedures.

  • Such internal policies and procedures must be approved by the Dean of Extended Studies.
  • When appropriate, the General Manager or Dean of Extended Studies shall consult University leadership on the drafting of internal BSPR policies, procedures, and standards.
  • BSPR shall consult a Community Advisory Board consistent with F.C.C. guidelines.

5. Programming Policies and Procedures

a. The University and BSPR subscribe to the Boise State Public Radio Code of Editorial Integrity as adopted by the University on November 11, 2015.

b. BSPR shall follow written procedures for choosing and scheduling programs. Such procedures, and any changes or amendments to the procedures, are subject to prior review by the University.

c. BSPR will utilize the airing of Listener Discretion announcements as appropriate, consistent with F.C.C. guidelines. However, the use of such announcements shall not be the primary driver in the program selection process.

d. In advance of programming changes, BSPR will provide to the university a draft copy of its significant programming recommendations to the Dean of Extended Studies.

e. BSPR will report important activities of BSPR to the Dean of Extended Studies prior to regularly scheduled meetings.

f. BSPR will keep records of all activities, all of which constitute records of the university, and provide reports to the university upon request.