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Public Charter School Authorization (Policy 1120)

University Policy 1120

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Effective Date

December 2013

Responsible Party

Office of the President, (208) 426-1491

Scope and Audience

Applies to all University faculty, staff, and students, and any party wishing to petition Boise State to authorize a Public Charter School.

Additional Authority

  • Idaho Code § 33-5202A
  • Idaho Code § 33-5203
  • Idaho Code § 33-5205

1. Policy Purpose

To provide guidelines for the authorization of Public Charter Schools of or by Boise State University.

2. Policy Statement

State universities in Idaho are Authorized Chartering Entities. Should Boise State choose to exercise its authority to authorize a charter school, the following guidelines shall apply.

3. Definitions

3.1 Authorized Chartering Entity

An entity authorized by Idaho Code to authorize a Public Charter School.

3.2 Petition

A document submitted by a person or persons to an Authorized Chartering Entity to request the creation of a Public Charter School.

3.3 Public Charter School

A school authorized under Idaho’s charter school law to deliver public education in Idaho.

4. Responsibilities and Procedures

4.1 Guidelines

a.  No University department or employee may file a Petition to form a Public Charter School without prior approval by the President.

b.  Any person or group who wishes to petition the University as an Authorized Chartering Entity must present the Petition to the President.

c.  Only the University President can approve a Petition and the President’s decision is final.