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Co-Curricular Programs and Services (Policy 2120)

University Policy 2120

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Effective Date

January 1994

Last Revision Date

April 2011

Responsible Party

Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, (208) 426-2384

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all students, staff, and faculty associated with providing co-curricular activities.

1. Policy Purpose

To outline policies and procedures for the implementation of co-curricular programs and services.

2. Description of Co-curricular Programs and Services

a. Several departments in Student Affairs provide co-curricular and extracurricular services and resources. Co-curricular programs and services are designed to provide students with learning experiences which complement the academic program. Programs and services are provided which consider and explore cultural development, wellness, current issues, community service, entertainment and social activities.

b. Advising and support is provided to enhance the operation and success of student organizations and other entities of the Associated Students by: promoting and creating leadership training opportunities, maintaining organization data bases, providing mail boxes, storage and office space, promotional services, organization fairs, recognition programs, community service projects, etc., and providing general activities which instill a sense of community spirit and campus pride.

3. Administration and Governance

a. The department’s senior administrative officers are the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership and the Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion. All Student Involvement and Leadership professional staff play a role in the advisement of student organizations, Student Programs Board committees, Volunteer Services Board committees, Associated Students functions and other University activities. They are assisted by University faculty, staff and community members who volunteer as organizational advisors to recognized student organizations.

b. Current student organization policies are developed by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center with wide representation by the Associated Students. Specific student organization policies are published in the Student Organization Manual on the Student Involvement and Leadership Center website. Funding for student organizations is the responsibility of the Associated Students.

4. Associated Students of Boise State University

a. The Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) is the formal entity for influencing governance of the University and organizing its student initiatives. The Associated Students represents all fee paying students. The Associated Students is structured around an Executive Council, a Student Assembly and a Student Funding Board.

b. A wide range of University committees exist which hold seats for student representatives and provide co-curricular experience. The Associated Students is the initial contact for appointing students to those committees.

c. The Associated Students delivers other services to students including legal services.

d. The Volunteer Services Board, Student Programs Board and other organizations are cooperative projects governed by the Associated Students with support from Student Affairs departments.

e. The ASBSU Constitution is the enabling document for the Associated Students’ activities.

5. Related Information

Student Organization Manual

Revision History

July 1995; April 2011