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University Housing Eligibility (Policy 2110)

University Policy 2110

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Effective Date

August 1981

Last Revision Date

January 09, 2024

Responsible Party

Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, (208) 426-2384

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all applications for University housing.

1. Policy Purpose

To outline the responsibilities of Housing and Residence Life and establish the eligibility requirements and application procedures for residing in University housing.

2. Policy Statement

Boise State University recognizes that living on campus can be an integral part of the college experience and an important component of academic success. Living on campus provides valuable opportunities to make connections and encounter new challenges. The University is committed to providing a safe and supportive housing experience for all students that supports both academic and personal growth.

3. Housing and Residence Life Responsibilities

Housing and Residence Life is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of all policies and procedures pertaining to University-owned and/or -managed residence halls and apartments.

4. Eligibility

a. To live in either a residence hall or in the University apartments, an individual must be admitted by the university and have full-time status for tuition and fee purposes (11 credits for undergraduate students/9 credits for graduate students).

b. Notwithstanding the prior paragraph, a non-student occupant may live in a University apartment pursuant to a student occupant’s Apartment Addendum.

5. Application Procedures

5.1 Residence Halls

Students wishing to reside in a residence hall must complete an application and submit it along with an executed On-Campus (Residence Halls) Agreement, and pay the required processing fee and down payment through the Housing and Residence Life website.

5.2 University Apartments

a. Students wishing to reside in University apartments must complete an application and submit it along with an executed On-Campus Housing (Apartment) Agreement, and pay the required application fee and security deposit through the Housing and Residence Life website.

b. Non-students wishing to reside in a University apartment may do so only pursuant to a student occupant’s Apartment Addendum.

5.3 Criminal Background Investigation Process

The application includes consent to the On-Campus Housing Criminal Background Investigation Process.

6. Acceptance and Assignment

a. Housing and Residence Life will verify the status of the student to make sure the student meets the eligibility requirements in Section 4.

b. If the application is accepted, the university will assign each resident’s housing, in its discretion, based on numerous factors, including but not limited to availability, the date application and fees are received, and the resident’s participation in specific residential programs.

7. Occupancy

Residents’ occupancy is governed by and subject to the Agreement, the On-Campus Housing (Residence Halls) Agreement Terms & Conditions or On-Campus Housing (Apartments) Terms & Conditions and the Apartment Addendum, if required, the policies and standards published on the University Housing and Residence Life website, including the Community Standards and the Procedures and Expectations (as amended or modified, as needed), the Student Code of Conduct, and all University health guidance and health and safety guidelines.

8. Related Information

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Revision History

July 1995; January 2011; January 09, 2024