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Major Exploration

silver BChoosing a Major

Students pursuing admission to professional schools often are required to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students at Boise State who have pursued careers in the health professions have chosen majors from over 195 areas.

  • You can major in anything. (Don’t believe us? Six Boise State music majors have gone on to medical school.)
  • There is no right or wrong degree for your pathway.
  • It is okay to change your mind.

When deciding on a major think about what you believe to be:

  1. EfficientHow much of my major requirements and electives do I want to count towards my pathway?
  2. Passion and Academic Strength – What do I love to do? Where do you excel academically and in what subject areas do you feel most confident?
  3. Parallel PlanWhat if my opinions about my pathway change?

Important factors when selecting a major for a pre-health pathway