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Mental Health Clinic Assistant Needed

K-Counseling is seeking a Volunteer Mental Health Clinic Assistant, and you are invited to apply! In this position, you will get on-the-job experience in a busy mental health clinic and will perform tasks related to improving mental wellness using FDA-approved instrumentation. This is a fantastic opportunity for Psychology majors who want to get their “feet wet” in the mental health field.


As a Clinic Assistant, you will:

  • Work with Electronic Health Records (EHR) interface
  • Administer and/or observe ADHD testing, connect clients to NeuroFeedback or Alpha-Stimulation instrumentation
  • Stock office with supplies
  • Perform other duties around the coordination of special events or as assigned


The application requirements for this position include the following:

  • Must present a professional appearance, as well as a friendly and relaxed demeanor
  • Be dependable and professional
  • Be interested in working as a mental health provider
  • Be self-directed, willing to take initiative, have critical thinking skills, and computer skills
  • Must respect and maintain the confidentiality of K-Counseling clients


If you are interested in this position, call Lisa Shiro at (208) 919-2520 or send an email to For more information about K-Counseling, visit their website.