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How to Register

Group Fitness Registration Policies

  • Class registration opens 49 hours before classes start.
  • Class registration closes 3 minutes before class starts.
  • Participants may cancel their registration 3 hours prior to class start time.
  • Registered participants may lose their spot if they are not at the studio 3 minutes prior to class start time.

No-Show Policy 

  • Participants who don’t cancel their registration 3 times, will be suspended from registering for group fitness classes for 1 week.
  • Participants who are suspended may attend classes that are not full, but their spot is not guaranteed.

For questions or assistance registering for classes please contact or at (208)426-5644.

How to Register for a Group Fitness Class on the App

  1. Download the “Boise State Rec Center” app.
  2. Select the “Group Ex” icon and find the class on the calendar.
  3. Select “Register” and login with your Boise State username and Password.
  4. Select “Register” and “Check out”.
  5. Select “Register” again and check your email to view your confirmation email.

How to register for a Group Fitness Class on the member portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Group Fitness” image and click on the name of the class you are registering for
  3. Select “Register” and “Check out”
  4. Select “Check out” again and check your email to view your confirmation email

How to Cancel your Group Fitness Class Registration

Login to the member portal or the Boise State Rec Center App. Click on your username or image on the top right corner of your screen. Select profile, select programs on the left side of the screen, select registrations, click on the three blue dots on the far right of the screen, and cancel the class you want to cancel.