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Club Sports Trademark, Team Store Policy, and Sponsorships

Updated 12/22/22 by Club Sports Administration and Trademark & Licensing Office

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Use of University Trademarks

In accordance with Boise State Trademarks and Licensing

Use of Boise State University’s name, word marks, trademarks, logos, and/or symbols (“marks”) are intellectual properties of the university that need to be protected. With that in mind, the University allows usage of these marks by officially recognized Club Sports, provided such use is in accordance with the standards set out below. Please note that the Bronco logo is the primary brand of Boise State University’s Athletics Program and is reserved explicitly for those organizations affiliated with the University’s athletics programs. Limited use of the primary Athletics marks, and the team name Broncos, is permitted for officially recognized Club Sports solely on uniforms, as detailed further below.

These guidelines apply for apparel, uniforms, and marketing materials (digital and paper) for all Boise State club sports.

  • University trademarks and logos may not be altered
  • The Boise State brand standards clear space rule will apply to all logos
  • The abbreviation for Boise State University such as “BSU” is not a preferred representation of Boise State University. It should not be used on any marketing material and especially not on apparel and uniforms.
  • All Club Sports logos should be pre-approved by Club Sports Administration.
  • Permitted use of the University marks depends upon whether the use is on uniforms or for other uses (equipment, bags, other team related apparel and marketing materials). See Table 1 at the end of this section for more details

Use of Athletics Marks – Uniforms only

  • The Bronco head and associated logos are the identifying trademarks of the Athletics Department. Use of the primary (blue and orange) Bronco head and associated BRONCO and BOISE STATE word marks (“Athletics Marks”) by officially recognized Club Sports is permitted on uniforms only.
Bronco head logo
Boise State Logo
  • The words Boise State, Boise State University, Boise State Broncos and/or Broncos may be used on uniforms.
  • If the sport name is included on uniforms, it should be accompanied by the word “Club” e.g. “Boise State Softball Club”. Team warm-ups, equipment bags and travel wear are not considered part of the uniform.
  • Licensed vendors have the necessary files for Athletic Marks. Alternatively, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing (

Use of (non-Athletic) University Mark(s)

  • The University logo, i.e. the “B” logo, may be used by officially recognized student club sports for all other uses, as well as uniforms.
    Boise State B logoBoise State B logo
  • If the sport name is included, it must always be accompanied by the word “Club” e.g. “Boise State Lacrosse Club”.
  • Non-competition gear (i.e. backpacks, jackets, shirts, team gear, print material, and/or merchandise) must include the “B” logo or the team’s approved club illustration along with the official team name e.g. “Boise State Softball Club”
  • Athletics marks and the word BRONCOS may not be used, except on uniforms. See Table 1 at the end of this section for more detail.
  • To download high resolution files of the University Marks, go to

Club Sports Organization Logos

  • Club Sports may create their own graphic logo that includes their official team name using the “B” logo. The club sport name must be included with this graphic.
  • Logos must be approved by the Division of Student Affairs (Campus Recreation) and Office of Trademark Management and Licensing

Team Stores

Licensed Vendors

All products bearing Boise State University’s brand must be purchased from an organization licensed by the University. Licensed vendors are legally permitted to produce and manufacture items with Boise State University names, logos, slogans, mascots, indicia, colors, and other proprietary rights for internal or external constituents. They are in good standing with the University and meet labor codes with the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Additionally, all licensed vendors have gone through an approval process to ensure:

  • High quality
  • Correct branding
  • Artwork approval
  • Product liability insurance
  • Ethical production

Licensed vendors are held to the highest standards. A list of these vendors may be found at nsees/

Club Sports Uniform and Gear Approval Process

Before beginning the following process, work with the Club Sports Administration to ensure there is funding available to complete the purchase.

  1. Select a university licensed vendor from the list.
  2. Work with a licensed vendor on the uniform and/or gear design.
  3. Licensed vendor submits artwork to for review and approval.
  4. Any necessary changes to the design will be communicated directly to the the licensed vendor.
  5. Upon approval, Club Sports Administration will follow up with payment and shipping.

NOTE: Please include Club Sports Administration in all communication with licensed vendor and the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement.

Licensed Vendor Exemptions

Club sports are required to use a university licensed vendor for team uniforms and gear. However, if a university licensed vendor is not able to fulfill a specific need for a team, an exemption may be requested. Some team uniforms or gear can be very unique and a specialized vendor may be needed.

  • To use a non-licensed vendor, please submit your request to the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement ( Please include an explanation as to why the exemption is needed as well as information on the proposed vendor.
  • Upon approval, a one-time licensing agreement will be issued to the vendor for signature
  • Design(s) must follow Club Sport Trademark and Licensing guidelines.

Club Sport Team Stores

With the approval of the University Bookstore, club sports are permitted to set up a team store with apparel featuring their club sport for family, friends, and the general public to purchase. Club Sports must use a licensed university vendor when setting up a team store.

Non-competition gear (i.e. backpacks, jackets, shirts, team gear, print material, and/or merchandise) must include the “B” logo or the team’s approved club illustration along with the official team name e.g. “Boise State Softball Club.”

Team Store Procedures

Club Sports preferred Team Stores are run through BSN Sports.

  1. Contact our local BSN Representative – Shawn McEntire,
  2. BSN Sports submits designs to for approval.
  3. Club Sport Team Store is launched for a selected period of time.
  4. BSN Sports produces and distributes apparel sales.

*Club Sport team receives a small portion of the sales. The university receives a 15% royalty from sales paid by BSN Sports.


Royalties are charges assessed by the University to the officially licensed vendor for the approved use of the University’s name, word marks, trademarks, logos, and/or symbols on goods for resale. The current royalty rate is 15% of total sales.

● Royalty-Exempt: Team gear and uniforms bearing University marks are not subject to royalty charges.

Club Sport Sponsorships

Sponsor representation

Third party names and logos may not be used in association with the University logos and trademarks without approval from the Club Sports Administration and the Trademark Licensing Specialist. Moreover, approval CC will require the word “Club” to be distinctly written and visible on any and all promotional items and apparel including uniforms. Athletics logos may never be used in association with third party’s names and logos, unless written dispensation from the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement is given for use on uniforms only. Such approval may be withheld for any reason in order to protect the Athletics marks.

Once approved by the Club Sports Administration, if a Club Sport wishes to recognize a sponsor, it may do so in the following manner:

  • Inclusion of the company/person’s name and/or logo on the Club Sport website, banner or other marketing materials. No use of the Bronco logo is permitted. The University Club illustration must be the most prominent illustration and sponsors should be acknowledged. No rights shall be granted to the sponsor to use the university name or logos on the sponsor’s marketing materials or website. There must be no use of the University name and/or logos in connection with a third party that creates the implication of endorsement or sponsorship by the University of the third party.
  • With prior approval from the Club Sports Administration and the Office of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement, Club Sports teams may include the name or logo of a significant sponsor on uniforms, apparel, and equipment. Sponsor logos must be separated from the University Club logos; e.g. on the sleeve or back of the uniforms and apparel. All sponsors must be approved by Club Sports Administration.

Prohibited Sponsorships

Boise State University will not enter into Sponsorships if the business or products sold are inconsistent with the University’s mission and Shared Values. Excluded Sponsorship categories include but are not limited to:

  • Gambling
  • Tobacco Products
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Sexually Explicit Materials
  • Religious and/or Political Materials
  • Ammunition and Firearms
  • Competitors of the University which may include competitors of University BroncoShops, or other businesses that may conflict with services offered by Boise State University.
  • Material that could be considered defamatory, obscene, profane, vulgar, or otherwise socially unacceptable or offensive to the general public or may cause harm to students’ health, safety and welfare.

Summary of permitted trademark usage: