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How to Buy Apparel

Important information before buying apparel

Before you begin the approval process the following information is important to know beforehand.

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Approved Vendors

As a Boise State department and organization, we must utilize a licensed vendor to produce any products or apparel that will use Boise State University Trademarks or reference to the university. Vendors Approved by Boise State.

Here are the common vendors Clubs have used in the past:

  • BSN Sports | |Shawn McEntire
  • Shadows Embroidery |


You can have all your packages shipped to Campus Recreation. Please make sure you put the following information for the shipping label.

Address: 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725-1711

Company Name: Campus Recreation


Trademarks and Logos

The university has guidelines in place for all products/apparel that utilize Boise State University branding. Please review the following document before you begin the design process of your apparel : Club Sport Trademark and Sponsorship policy.docx

Key items from the document:

  • Cannot alter trademarks and logos
  • Cannot use BSU as an abbreviation of Boise State University
  • Athletic marks can only be used for uniforms ONLY

Purchasing Apparel Process

Design your shirt

  • You can reach out to Alex or Jared to have Campus Rec’s Graphic designer

create your design

  • A member of your team can create the design

Submit the design

  •  Submit the design to Alex or Jared
  • Alex or Jared will submit your design for Approval from the university.
  •   If the submission is not approved, there will be edits provided by the university to make. Once those edits have been made we resubmit for approval. This cycle will continue until the design is approved.
  •  If the submission is is approved we can send the design to the approved vendor.

Send design to vendor

  • Send design to vendor
  • Send vendor Alex or Jared contact information for payment
  •  Items will be shipped to Campus Rec
  •   Alex or Jared will communicate with you when items arrive