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How to Travel

Teams traveling are required to follow certain requirements while representing Boise State. Travel expenses (transportation, lodging, registration) are prepaid from the team’s account. A fuel card(s) will be available for the team as well. Food and other miscellaneous expenses are paid by the players/coaches. Reimbursement is available for some travel expenses including parking, toll booths, etc. The Club Sports Administration works hard to prepay for main travel expenses to limit reimbursements.

Alternative Format (PDF)


Steps to Complete Travel Paperwork

  • Meet/Communicate with Coordinator of Rec Sports or Associate Director of Programs and Communication about traveling (Alexandra or Jared).
  • Submit a Club Sports Travel Request through Engage 21 to 14 days prior from travel date.

How to | Submit a Club Sports Travel Request through Engage

Template Travelers List

  • Clubs must have funds in their account seven days prior to travel.
  • Club Sports Program Manager completes reservations for the trip based on Engage requests.
  • Club Sports Program Manager creates a travel packet for a Club Officer to pick up at the Membership Services Desk.
  • Travel occurs.
  • Complete Game Report.
  • Club Officer drops off travel packet to the Membership Services Desk.


Teams cannot use personal vehicles on an approved Club Sports travel. Teams must use Enterprise rental vehicles, chartered bus, or fly to their destination.
Enterprise Rental Vehicles:
The State of Idaho and Boise State have a contract with Enterprise Rent-a-Car for vehicle rentals. Renting vehicles from Enterprise Rent-a-Car comes with the following benefits:

  • Fixed rental cost
  • Young driver requirement is waived. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to drive.
  • The State of Idaho is providing insurance. No personal driver insurance is required.
  • Vehicles are maintained and in good working order.
  • Vehicle rentals are billed to Boise State Club Sports. Your team will not providepayment on-site.

Here are vehicle options:

  • 7 passenger: $65/day
  • Lg. SUV: $86/day
  • Large Pickup Truck: $75/day

Motor Pool

In addition to Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Boise State has a fleet of vehicles to rent when traveling. Motor Pool has similar benefits to Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Charter Bus

For teams traveling long distances and/or in large groups, chartering a bus is an option. A professional driver will pick up the team on-campus and drive to the location. Depending on location, a boost driver might be needed to supplement the main driver. Cost ranges but on average the cost is $3.75 – $4.00 per mile traveled plus hotel room for driver(s) and driver tip (est $100 – $200 tip).

Local charter bus companies:

  • Holiday Motor Coach
  • Boise-Winnemucca Stages
  • Caldwell Transportation


Traveling to some tournaments, regionals, and nationals will at times require teams to fly. The travel request paperwork process is the same as driving; however, purchasing flights for the team is a process that requires planning ahead.

Group Travel

Major airline companies have Group Travel Rate. This allows us to purchase plane tickets for a set rate for a group of travelers. Group travel is defined as ten or more people on a flight.

If using a Group Travel we need the following information when booking the flights:

  • Name of Airline
  • Flight Number
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time

Travel roster is completed by the club officers. The following information is needed when adding a person to the travel roster 1) Legal Name 2) Date of Birth 3) Gender
The main benefit of booking Group Travel is teams have 72 hours prior to departure to change the flight roster at no additional cost.

Individual Ticket Travel

Individual flights can be purchased for teams with less than ten people traveling. Same information is required for individual flights:

  • Name of Airline
  • Flight Number
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Name
  • Date of Birth



Hotel rooms are reserved under On the travel request, please indicate the hotel you would like your team to stay in, number of rooms needed, and what names you want the rooms reserved under. The Club Sports Program Manager will reserve and pay for the room(s). allows for room cancellations 24 hours in advance.


Another lodging option is AirBNB or VRBO. At times, the vacation rental places are cheaper and closer to the competition venue. Vacation rentals are booked through an officer’s personal account and paid via Club Sports purchasing card.

Private Residence

Another lodging option is staying at a private residence. Generally, the private residence is a family member of a player. Please make sure the private residence address is provided on the travel request form.


Please work with the Club Sports Administration to prepay for team registration.

Travel Roster

Club Sports Administration understands travel rosters change throughout the week leading up to a travel. Please make sure the final travel roster is submitted to the Club Sports Administration prior to leaving Boise. Travel Roster Form