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NURS 417 – Health Education & COVID-19 Vaccinations for Public Housing Tenants

Kayla Brown, Keely Davis, Lauren Enochson, Julia Fedorenko, Stephanie Gooding, Eric Plott, Dylan Schilling, & Mackenzie Sellai
Prof. Jeannine Suter – NURS 417
Boise City Ada County Housing Authority

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Learning Goals

As a group we applied basic concepts of population-focused practice to assist our community, the tenants of Franklin Plaza, with interventions that would address positive health outcomes.

  • Developed educational tools on social isolation, oral health and vaccinations.
  • Partnered with Saint Alphonsus to provide a mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Franklin Plaza, available to all tenants regardless of age, health status, or insurance.


This service learning project has emphasized the importance that nurses have in making a difference in their communities. This course has given us the opportunity to shift our focus from acute care nursing to developing health interventions that target a larger scale of the population.

“As a result of this Service Learning experience, my thinking has shifted more towards prioritization. These tenants had more than one need and it was our job as a group to determine which need was more important.” – Keely, Nursing Student

“My assumptions about the Housing Authority and its systems did not change throughout this project but otherwise emphasized how many needs and interventions the tenants need to help promote and better their health.”- Mackenzie, Nursing Student

“This service has shown me how a population’s health outcomes are truly influenced from barriers, when barriers are removed we can provide a community with access to their health needs.”– Lauren, Nursing Student

“This service has allowed us to bring COVID-19 vaccinations to a vulnerable population, which increases their safety! It is important for us to learn how to assess the community and find ways to improve it.”– Stephanie, Nursing Student

Person sitting down and receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

“Going forward, my concept of service will be more abstract and allow me to envision different and more ways to help our community than I would have before.”– Eric, Nursing Student

Community Partner: Boise City Ada County Housing Authority

Mission Statement

Boise City Ada County Housing Authorities’ innovative housing programs and partnerships provide individuals and families with a foundation for stability and resiliency in a vibrant living environment.

Project Purpose

  • Identify Franklin Plaza tenants’ health needs, remove barriers associated with poor health outcomes, and assist the community with efforts for primary health prevention.
  • Provide an at risk population with the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccination during a global pandemic.

Course Concepts

  • Use nursing and, other applicable models or frameworks to guide community assessment and interventions.
  • Logically identify selected population and/or community’s resources, assets, and concerns.
  • Participate actively in effective relationships with clients from varying backgrounds, inter-professional teams, community agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Advocate for public health programs, issues, and resources.
Saint Alphonsus Mobile Health Clinic bus parked.

Our experience focuses on and supports the above course concepts. We assessed the community’s needs, advocated for health promotion, and provided the tenants with COVID-19 vaccines as a long term intervention.


  • Created survey to identify tenants needs
  • Researched top three health concerns
  • Contacted local pharmacies & healthcare facilities to organize a COVID-19 vaccine clinic.


  • From the survey we identified tenants’ three top health concerns.
  • Created three health brochures educating tenants on isolation, oral health, & vaccination options.
  • Brought Saint Alphonsus mobile vaccine clinic to Franklin Plaza community.

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