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Topics to Discuss with Community Partners

Early in course planning, faculty need to reach out to potential community agencies to explore potential projects. Below are suggested topics to discuss. Please also review Tips for establishing positive community connections.

  • What are agency goals and potential projects that might connect to course goals?
  • What does success look like? or What would a deliverable look like?
  • Discuss course goals
  • Possible student experiences (to achieve course outcomes, what type of experience will students need? e.g., practice a skill, apply a theory, engage with a population, etc)
  • Students’ capacities (what skills & knowledge can students contribute to a project?)
  • Number of students available (could students work as a group or individually?)
  • Project scope and parameters (desired outcome, tasks, # hours, timeline, location, and evaluation)
  • Course deadlines that might relate to agencies
  • Agency involvement, including visits to the classroom, meetings with students, faculty visits to the site
  • Student preparation, training requirements, onsite orientations, supervision, any safety issues
  • Method/frequency of exchanging feedback between faculty and agency, including debriefing (and celebration!)
    • What is the preferred method of communication
  • How will you sustain this partnership long term? If this class will not be taught again please connect the partner with our office.