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Student Financial Services

Assist students in understanding their educational costs and to make smart financial decisions for college education. Support the campus community by processing student account transactions and department deposits.

What's New

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans for Tuition and Fees as well as Housing and Meals for the convenience of all students. This allows you to pay in installments throughout the semester, with the option of enrolling in automatic payments. To save time and avoid late fees, check out our Enroll in a Payment Plan help guide for step-by-step instructions.

Short-Term Loans

Student Financial Services offers short-term loans to any student enrolled in at least half-time status. Students may request up to $500. No interest is charged for the loan, students must only pay back the principal amount plus a $25 processing fee. See more on our FAQs Page or fill out the Short-Term Loan Form.

Financial Wellness

Check out all the resources on ourĀ  Financial Wellness Program website! If you’d like a one-on-one meeting with a Financial Wellness Coach, you can schedule one for yourself here.

How does Student Financial Services support Campus?


  • Assist students with past due balances and holds on accounts.
  • Provide financial wellness education.
  • Offer training to campus for preparing and submitting Department Deposits.


  • Receive and process payments for tuition and fees.
  • Provide 1098-T tax forms.
  • Process department deposits.
  • Process department charge and credit uploads.
  • Clean up and maintain student accounts.
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