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Submitting Stipends, Fellowships, and other Student Payments

Student Financial Services (SFS) processes payments to students when it is determined that the primary purpose of the payment is educational and the student is not an employee.  To determine if a payment should be processed by SFS, visit the Payment Determination Form Webpage.

  1. Once you have determined that a payment should be sent to SFS, download the Student Financials Upload Form. You will notice that one tab contains Form Instructions.Stipend Form Instructions
  2. A second tab, titled “Payment,” is for the submitter to fill out. Please do not submit recurring payments using multiple tabs on a single spreadsheet.  Please email in a new spreadsheet each time you wish to submit a payment.
  3. It is very important to make sure you have the correct Student ID. Due to the volume of requests received, SFS does not have capacity to check each form for accuracy.
  4. If you are submitting payments for multiple students, please place them all on a single form rather than submitting a separate form for each student.
  5. Please also review the list of available item types and select the correct one. Each of these item types is six digits long, and some have different tax implications than others.  Feel free to contact SFS at for info on which item type to use.
  6. The item types available are 800030 – Stipends, 800031 – Personal Reimbursement, 800032 – Book Reimbursement, 800033 – Special Assistance (Athletics), 800035 – Miscellaneous Reimbursement, and 800050 – Cost of Attendance Stipend (Athletics).
  7. Do not forget to fill out the Payment Date, highlighted in yellow.  Your payment will be processed as close to this date as possible.  If this is left blank, the payment will be processed with the next batch of stipends.
  8. Submit all completed upload forms (Excel or Google Sheets, please) along with supporting documentation to by 5 pm on Wednesday for processing Thursday mornings.  We do not process payments after the 25th of the month.  Any payments received after that date will be processed the first Thursday of the following month.
  9. Forms will be reviewed by Tax Reporting for any tax implications, and by Financial Aid for any impacts to a student’s existing awards.  You will receive an email confirmation once the payment has been processed.
  10. Payments processed on Thursday will be refunded to students on Friday morning. If a student has direct deposit, they can anticipate receiving the funds within 1-2 business days.  Checks are mailed first class and typically take 5-7 business days.  Please ensure your student has an accurate address and/or direct deposit information.
  11. Any checks not received or returned by the mail require a two week wait before being reissued to the correct address.
  12. Reconciliation happens at the end of each month, and you will not see any activity on the accounting side until after this is done. Please reach out to the Controller’s Office for any questions about this part of the process.