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Other Fees That May Apply

Undergraduate Advising Fee

  • The advising fee goes towards continuity of support, expansion and improvement of advising services.  It will also be used to modernize and enhance communication with students.
  • The fee will go directly to providing beneficial advising services for students – a process is underway to categorize and prioritize the greatest needs in improving infrastructure and capacity for support, and investments will begin this year.
  • The office of the Provost will be the steward for these funds and is committed to providing an accounting of how the funds are spent to ASBSU leadership.
  • The Idaho State Board of Education approved adding the fee so that it will support career and academic planning and allow access to consistent advising across the university.
  • With the growth in student enrollment over the last decade, an investment in infrastructure to better the experience for our students around academic advising is warranted. This new fee makes that possible
  • The fee is $50 a semester (fall and spring only).

Complete Withdrawal Fee

  • Students who drop all of their classes (even if only enrolled in one class) on or after the first day of classroom instruction will be charged a $40 Complete Withdrawal Fee for the semester, even if they drop in time for tuition and fees to be waived. Please see the Academic Calendar for exact dates for each term.

Course Fees

  • Certain courses may charge an additional fee which covers the cost of course materials and supplies the student uses, special costs associated with use of university-owned equipment, or the cost of other services that provide educational benefit to the student. This fee is assessed when students enroll in certain courses, which are noted in the class listings in the online class schedule. Complete List of Course Fees.

Deadline Penalty

  • There is a Fee Payment Deadline for each semester. Unpaid student fee balances on the day following the Fee Payment Deadline are assessed a $50 Fee Deadline Penalty. Please see the Academic Calendar to learn the Fee Payment Deadline.

Drop Fees

  • Each class dropped on or after the Drop Fee Begins date are subject to a $10 drop fee. Please see the Academic Calendar to learn the Drop date that applies to the session in which you have enrolled.

E-Textbook Fee

  • Some courses offer the option to access an electronic textbook, charged as a fee on the student account, as an alternative to purchasing a textbook from the bookstore. Students will receive an email with information about this fee. Those who wish to opt out and purchase the text another way should refer to their BroncoMail or contact the Boise State Bookstore

New Student Curriculum Fee

  • New degree-seeking students will be charged a one-time new student curriculum fee of $175. The fee covers the development and implementation of programs, outreach and services designed to help students successfully transition to Boise State University and to persist to graduation.

Bronco Card Fee

  • New students and students returning after two or more years will be charged a $30 Bronco Card fee. The Bronco Card is your key to campus life. Among many other functions, this card grants you access to your residence hall, holds the balance of your meal plan and flex dollars, and is necessary to get your free student ticket for football games.  See the Bronco Card website for more information.
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