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Career Road Mapping

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Once you have decided you would like to pursue a career related to natural resource management, creating a career preparedness plan will help you make the most of your time as a student at Boise State University.  In creating your plan, consider how to reach the goals that will make you an ideal candidate.

Meet the requirements for your chosen major:

  • Required general education courses
  • Required courses for the major
  • Additional elective credits required

Meet any academic requirements of your chosen career in the federal service

  • Is your chosen major is acceptable?  Some career paths require very narrowly defined degrees.
  • Take any required courses listed for the related occupational series.

Build transferable work experience

  • Research opportunities for students in your field of interest as soon as possible.
  • Seek summer internships early in the spring semesters.
  • When you find an opportunity that excites you, create reminders for application deadlines, and if required, ask for letters of reference as soon as possible.
  • While you are working or volunteering, draft a summary of tasks performed and skills learned.
  • Condense these summaries for your resume’s description of the experience.

Network with professionals in your chosen field

  • Join professional associations.
  • Attend local meetings and conferences of interest.
  • Attend career fairs.
  • Request informational interviews.

Road map examples

Seek help from the Career Center

To craft a useful career preparedness plan, it’s critical to consider your unique situation, and career counselors are in the best position to help you create a plan that both excites you and prepares you for professional life.  Whether or not you know exactly what you want your career to look like, start thinking about the possibilities early and often. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor early on and any time your desired career path changes, and take full advantage of the Career Center’s many resources. 

While some students enter Boise State University with a major already in mind, many students do not decide on a major until their sophomore year or may end up choosing a different major than they originally expected to pursue in their junior year.  No matter where you are in your major and career decision making, the Career Center can help.

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